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JS Investments pioneer in securing financing under shariah laws

Published on 25th Jan, Edition 04- 2016


JS Investments Limited (JSIL) is the oldest and one of the greatest private sector asset management firms in Pakistan, with a broad range of mutual funds, Islamic funds, pension funds and separately managed accounts, formed after keeping in view the client needs and requirements.
JSIL is a member of MUFAP (Mutual Fund Association of Pakistan) and is catalog on the Karachi Stock Exchange. With the experience of 20-year in market, the company offers quality services, competitive returns and an opportunity for financier to have their savings secured.

JS Large Cap Fund (JS LCF)

JS LCF, after conversion into an open-end scheme that plans to advantage from an attractive capital market in the economy with progress potential, to maximize the total investment return comprising of a combination of capital appreciation income.
Consistent with its investment plan, this fund would spend mainly in equity securities of listed large-cap firms with market capitalization of over Rs1.0 billion.
The remaining funds would be spent in authorized investments counting cash and/or near cash instruments, which include cash in bank accounts, and Government securities not exceeding 90-day maturity.

JS Islamic Fund (JS ISF)

JS ISF also plans to raise financier’s capital in the long term in adherence with rules of Shariah-compliance as advised through SAB (Shariah Advisory Board) of this fund while ensuring liquidity.
The fund investments are limited to asset classes accepted through SAB and all firms under investment consideration are regularly screened for Shariah-compliance.

JS Growth Fund (JS GF)

The key objective of JS GF is to enable the certificate holders to contribute in a diversified portfolio of high quality equity securities catalog on the stock exchanges and to maximize the investment return, through prudent investment management.
JS-GF seeks to attain long term development in the value of the investment that is aimed to out perform the underlying inflation rate in the country as well as most of the other kinds of investments obtainable.

JS Value Fund (JS VF)

The fund sustains a mix of debt and equities instruments. Earnings compose of capital appreciation, dividend income, and interest income. The portfolio seeks capital development by investments in marketable securities with better-than-average appreciation potential and liberal dividend strategies. To advantage from increasing policy rates, high levels of bank deposits and CFS funding are sustained.

Company Contact FY 14 FY 13 FY 12 FY 11 FY 10
Key Indicators 
Return on assets % 26.03 29.24 10.72 1.37 2.42
Total assets turnover Days 127 49 126 79 97
Receivables turnover Days 120 25 25 4 3
Return on equity % 30.58 29.51 35.14 3.22 10.62
Debt: Equity % 46.9 107.05 248.71
Interest cover times 1,279.60 0.07 2.31 1.19 1.25
Current times 14.6 14.72 2.77 2.24 1.71
Quick times 14.3 14.67 2.76 2.23 1.7
JS Fund of Funds (JS FOF)

JS FoF is a fund of funds that aims to increase financier’s capital in the long term while diversifying the asset manager risk bundled together with the advantages of an asset allocation fund.
This fund operates a diverse portfolio of equity, balanced, fixed income and money market funds with the option to adjust the asset mix as equity markets increase or decline and the economy weakens or strengthens.

JS Islamic Government Securities Fund (JS IGSF)

It is an open-end Shariah-compliant sovereign income scheme, which plans at generating a steady stream of current Halal income while ensuring low risk (volatility) and capital preservation in the medium to long term through spending chiefly in Shariah-compliant government securities.


JS Cash Fund (JS CF)

JS CF is an open-end money market scheme that chiefly spends in low risk short-term fixed income instruments counting money market instruments to offer a regular and reasonable return to financiers while ensuring high liquidity.
This fund would spend chiefly in short duration instruments within the country and may even hold some or all of its assets in cash or for defensive purposes of sustaining liquidity.

JS Income Fund (JS IF)

JS IF is a mutual fund that spends in high quality fixed income and money market instruments to offer returns comparable to those offered through most term deposits while ensuring daily liquidity such as savings or current accounts.

Pension funds

Historically, the government employees have been the only citizens in the country with access to pension plans while a sizeable majority of the citizens, salaried professionals and self-employed individuals have never had access to a structured and well regulated pension scheme.


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