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Advanced fuel saving additive

Published on 14th Nov, Edition 46, 2016


KM+ is a non toxic environmental friendly and biodegradable fuel additive.KM+ is designed to address today’s competitive requirements for engine performance, fuel saving, maintenance and protection of combustion engines as well as fulfilling social responsibility of keeping KM+ green for a greener earth.

Three key functionalities of KM+ are :

1. Fuel Atomization – To improve fuel combustion

2. Cleansing Functionality – To clean and restore engine condition to achieve optimized combustion

3. Added Lubricity – To reduce wear and tear to prolong life span of engines.

Fuel may be somewhat a commodity whereby it is formulated almost in the same way. However, it can be branded differently, emphasizing on certain specific performance. This can be achieved by the addition of additives and we are ever researching on ways to provide such solutions. With our dedicated team combined with our vast testing capabilities, we are proud to be your partner in this area of fuel differentiation needs of the petroleum industry.

Today’s drivers demands have changed and have now focused not on just better fuel economy but on a wide array of values like restore and improve engine power, cleaner and smoother engines, improve drivability, reduce engines maintenance cost, and prolong engines life, just to name a few. Consumer education on environmental concerns has also raised the issue of emission reduction. Industrial & Commercial Solutions can help you to differentiate your fuel from others with KM+ advanced fuel additive technology.

We at Industrial & Commercial Solutions are interested to be your solution provider in the area of the current fuel challenges. Whilst our dedicated and continuous research team pushes on relentlessly to provide for the future needs of tomorrows fuel, our mission is to provide our expertise to assist our customers with market driven strategies. We are committed to be of assistance and be of utmost value add to your needs!

Fuel atomization

KM+ Atomizes fuel by dispersing fuel into smaller droplets. This increase the surface area for fuel’s access to oxygen during combustion. With higher surface area and optimised ratio with oxygen, fuel burns faster, more intensely and more completely. With more intensified and more complete combustion, engines generate higher torque and horsepower.

As a result of improved horsepower and torque, the vehicle experience improved fuel economy. Simultaneously a more complete combustion contributes to cleaner emission without the toxic gases.

Cleansing functionality

KM+ serves as a detergent to clean engine fuel delivery systems, intake valves and combustion chambers. For older engines, it cleans and restores the fuel delivery systems and combustion system. For newer engines, it ensures fuel delivery systems and combustion chamber remain clean at all time.

With clean delivery systems and combustion chamber, fuel combustion will be optimize and function similar as a new engine. Hence, it reduces wear and tear, prolongs engines life, and reduces maintenance cost. Cleaner and more optimize engines directly contribute to better fuel economy.


Added lubricity

KM+ serves as a lubricant to lubricate the top of the cylinder where normal fuel do not. With upper cylinder lubrication, engines require less energy to push cylinder upwards and hence the potential energy is converted to extra power for the vehicle.

With top lubrication, engines run smoother and quieter; cylinders, pistons rings, fuel pump systems, fuel injectors, and engine valves are protected from wear and tear. Engines last longer.

Instant results

KM+ optimizes combustion, slowdown fossil fuel depletion, helps mankind save resources and finances,and reduces global warming for future generations.

KM+ instantly improves quality of liquid fuel the moment it is mixed. All vehicles ( cars, motorcycle, buses, trucks, boats) and any combustion engine (heavy machineries, generators, internal combustion engines) benefits from KM+ the moment it is added into the fuel tank.

KM+ is 100% formulated from natural plants esters. It is non toxic, environmental friendly and biodegradable. It is a well researched matured formula. It is not flammable by itself. It leaves no ash nor gum behind when it is burned with fuel.

KM+ offers the following benefits:

1. Reduce Fuel Consumption: by increased combustion efficiency. With KM+ fuel burns faster, more intensely and more completely. The vehicle experience better fuel economy.

2. Improve Power and Performance: by increased combustion efficiency. Coupled with increased lubricity from KM+, energy from reduced friction with cylinder is translated into more power for vehicle.

3. Reduce Maintenance Cost: KM+ cleans up carbon deposits in upper cylinders and valves, dirt and deposits in injectors and fuel delivery systems. First it reduces wear and tear cause by removing carbon deposits and dirt. Then it further lubricates upper engines’ cylinders, valves, injectors, and fuel delivery system. Lubrication ensures these parts are free from friction wear and tear. KM+ prolongs engines life with cleansing and lubricating engine parts.

4. Cleaner Environment with less Toxic Emission: by cleaner engine and optimized combustion. With KM+’s optimized combustion there is no unburnt hydrocarbons, reduced particulate, reduced Oxides of Nitrates as well as reduced Carbon Monoxide, which are normally found from engine emissions. Vehicles emissions is one of the major contributor to global warming today. Cleaner emissions reduces global warming.

For Queries & Clarification: Please write us at kmplus.pk@gmail.com or visit our web www.kmplus.pk


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