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Upcoming power projects in Pakistan

Published on 28th Mar, Edition 13, 2016


Overcoming the energy problems in Pakistan is still top priority of the Government of Pakistan. The government is intended to complete its commitments realizing the fact that good governance and regulation would contribute to an affordable, sustainable and reliable power system. World average per capita energy consumption is 2,730 kWh as against to Pakistan’s per capita energy consumption of 451 kWh.

International Energy Agency has predicted that total electricity demand of Pakistan would be 49,078MW in 2025. The Government of Pakistan is genuinely committed to include energy generation of 10,400MW to Pakistan’s national grid by FY2017-18 along with reduction in the cost of generation and transmission losses. Under the plan vision 2025, the government is committed in energy generation to 45,000MW with provision of uninterrupted, affordable and clean energy for all. Thus the Government of Pakistan is encouraging private investment to attain energy generation mix by development of indigenous power resources chiefly coal, hydel, shale gas, to attain zero load-shedding along with the reduction in average power rates.

Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) said that five hydel power projects, with a capacity to generate over 5,789MW energy, will be completed by 2016. This power will assist meet the power requirements of Pakistan.

The Diamer-Bhasha Dam project on River Indus is a lifeline for nationwide economy, which would go a long way in meeting future agricultural and energy requirements.

Experts said Diamer-Basha Dam has three significant aims — counting flood control, energy generation and storage of water. The gigantic project would produce 4,500MW energy and store over 8.0 million acre feet of water to meet increasing energy and irrigation needs. Furthermore, Golen Gol Hydropower Plant (GGHPP) is an under construction hydroelectric generation project situated on Golen Gol River. Golen Project is a part of least-cost power generation plan of government, being executed through WAPDA on priority basis to harness the indigenous hydropower resources of Pakistan to enhance the ratio of hydel energy in the National Grid, assist decline electricity tariff and offer relief to the clients.


On its completion, the project would contribute almost 436 million units of energy to the system. It is also said that the Neelum-Jhelum Hydroelectric Project is being built over river Neelum and the project, once completed, would contribute almost 5.15 billion units of power yearly to the National Grid.

Annual advantages of the project have been predicted at Rs30 billion. The Hydroelectric Neelum Jhelum project will be completed in 2016. The project will produce 969MW of electricity. The Duber Khwar Hydropower Project is situated on Khan Khwar River, will generate 130MW power.

The Government of Pakistan is pursuing its plan to produce energy by hydel means as four projects of 1,619MW are ready for construction. The projects ready for construction add Kurram Tangi Dam with 83.4 capacity and Tarbela with 4th extension 1,410MW while 2 extra projects are Keyal Khwar Hydropower 122MW and Naulong Dam with generation capacity of 4.4MW.

Sr. # Project Sponsor/ Company Name Location Fuel Capacity 
Expected COD/Remarks
1 Patrind Hydropower Project Star Hydropower Limited Kunhar River, KP/AJ&K Hydel 147 Apr-17 Under Construction
2 1320 MW Imported coal based Power Project at Qadarabad Dist Sahiwal Huaneng Shandong Ruyi (Pakistan) Energy (Pvt) Limited Qadarabad, District Sahiwal Coal 1320 Dec-17 LOS issued. IA, PPA signed
Sub Total (2017) 1467  
3 1320 MW Thar Coal based Power Project Engro Powergen Thar Limited Thar Block-II, Sindh Coal 1320 Oct-18 LOS issued. IA, PPA signed
4 1320 MW Imported coal based Power Project Sinohydro Resources Limited, China / Al Mirqab Capital, Qatar Port Qasim, Karachi Coal 1320 Jun-18 FC achieved.

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