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Huawei has successfully emerged as the most trusted technology driven brand in Pakistan

Published on 7th Nov, Edition 45, 2016


Interview with Mr. Fraz Malik Khan — Deputy General Manager, Huawei Pakistan

Mr. Fraz Malik Khan is a Deputy General Manager at Huawei Pakistan. He is a man with passion and a leader with a vision in the telecom sector of Pakistan.

In an interview Mr. Fraz Malik Khan said he started his career after graduation from the University of Leicester, UK, in International Marketing. “I joined Samsung as a Manager Retail Channel and Strategy. At Samsung, the scope of my role expanded and I was managing Samsung’s account for Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Hewlett-Packard became the next path of my career’s journey. At HP, I managed operations and retail for more than two years. Later in 2013, I got affiliated with Huawei and have achieved a number of milestones with the company to make it stand amongst the best brands in the consumer market,” he added.

Talking about Huawei Mobile Pakistan, Mr. Fraz Malik Khan said, “Huawei has successfully emerged as the most trusted technology driven brand in Pakistan along with an ever growing customer pool. In a short period of time it has secured 17 percent of the market share resulting in a rapid increase in sales. Huawei’s mantra is to be technologically innovative and glamorously bold by consistently working on developing out of the box solutions and incorporating modern technology in its products.”

At Huawei, he said, we are entrusted with the responsibility of making our customers’ technological expectations and demands possible as per our slogan ‘MAKE IT POSSIBLE’.

Mr. Fraz Malik Khan said, “In today’s dynamic age of telecom and marketing, business scenarios demand spontaneous as well as highly calculated strategic decision making. For that to happen one has to be communicating and aligning things without considering any time limit. So there are a number of fronts, including effective strategy development, smooth distribution networks, active retail and marketing plans, etc., where currently being a Deputy GM, I consistently monitor my teams. We set goals and landmarks and strive to accomplish them every day.”

To a question, he said Huawei Mobile is a trend setter in handsets in the country. “We have been consistently working on new and brilliant innovative technologies across all our handsets and are proud of being the leaders in introducing advanced features and technology in our handset category market of Pakistan.”

Having a strong footing across the globe, Mr. Fraz Malik Khan said, Huawei has been effectively penetrating local markets and has rapidly and successfully achieved an extensive, loyal customer base in Pakistan. Yet the biggest challenge for Huawei was, as it could be for any new company entering in foreign market, to establish strong foundations and earn a considerably large consumer pool in Pakistan. Why would a consumer pick a Huawei cell phone over already established market brands like Samsung and iPhone? For Huawei it was time to utilize top of the line marketing resources and offer Pakistani customers genuinely high quality smart phones at competitive prices.

As it is already evident from the market analysis, Mr. Fraz Malik Khan said, Huawei is one of the top smart phone choices of the Pakistani customers across all the segments. Hence, the fact that Huawei has successfully achieved the 17% market share in a matter of no time, literally.

Fraz Malik said, “At Huawei we are always up for bringing something new, different or should I put it as unconventional? Huawei is different in terms of the core objective while producing smart phone in the market.

For Huawei, customer demand and customer satisfaction are not merely the indicators of brand success but we consider them as our core objectives. From this you can imagine the difference in how we value our customers, their cultural and religious values, traditions and above all their feedback that we collect from the market analysis.

He said, Huawei designs a smart phone with the most advanced technology making it possible for the users to enjoy the best of quality and that is where we meet customers’ demand. Looking at Mate series as an example, we have incorporated Leica powered camera that gives results no less than that of a professional camera.

Similarly, Huawei Y series comes with a dual flash light and adding a bit further, Huawei Honor series can be noticed for its dual camera. Apart from these we focus on strong battery, better operating OS and modern chipset. You can go on counting these, as we believe, as I said earlier, in bringing innovations and advanced technology to the products we make. Moreover, we offer added values and different offers to the customers to make their smart phone purchases more useful and fun, most of the times. Several services are there which are completely intended to facilitate Huawei’s loyal customers.

We are consistently evaluating and improving the strategies at the implementation level to make sure we are up to the mark as per our customers’ expectation and demands. That is how we are building Huawei as a brand of customers and a brand of Pakistan, keeping our international heritage and levels of quality intact, added Mr. Fraz Malik.


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