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PRIMUS new model of investing

Published on 4th July, Edition 27-28, 2016


About us:-

– Primus Investment Management Limited (PIML) was granted license by SECP to undertake Asset Management and Investment Advisory Services on December 23, 2011.

– PIML is a public, unlisted company; with a paid up capital of PKR 250 million.

– PIML recognizes that institutional and retail investors are increasingly looking for solution that optimally caters to their investment objectives. Their requirements have extended beyond obtaining a hedge against inflation or mitigating risk.

– PIML aims to provide investments solutions across a broad spectrum of asset classes; providing access to traditional as well as alternative investment avenues such as commodities, private equity, venture capital and financial derivatives.

– PIML will also bring customized discretionary portfolio management solutions to its parent company, institutional and retail clients.

Our core objectives:-

– To become an Investment Solutions Provider rather than an Orthodox Investment Manager.

– To Manage Focused Investment Strategies that are responsive to Client needs.

– To add Long-Term value to the Wealth of our Clients.

Mr. Khalid Aziz Mirza

Brings with him over 40 years of experience in Investment Banking. Mr. Mirza started his career from Investment Corporation of Pakistan and then moved to International Finance Corporation (IFC); first serving as an Investment Officer and later promoted to Division Manager. He has also served as the Chairman of the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), Sector Manager Financial & Private Sector Development in the World Bank and the Chairmen of Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP).

Ms. Ayesha Aziz, CFA

Ms. Aziz currently serves as the Managing Director of Pak Brunei Investment Company. She brings over 18 years of experience in Structured Finance, Private Equity and Strategic Advisory businesses. Ms. Aziz started her career from ANZ Grindlays Bank and worked in Merchant Banking and Treasury Markets Divisions. She was also involved in establishing and managing business operations and subsidiaries of Pak Oman Investment Company in senior roles.

Mr. Abdul Razzak Su

Mr. Su has been serving Brunei Investment Agency in pivotal investments and fund management roles since 1986. Presently, he is working as a Director at Brunei Investment Agency. Mr. Su is also on Board of Directors of Oman Brunei Investment Company.

Mr. Abdul Hafeez

Mr. Hafeez is serving as CFO & Company Secretary of Pak Brunei Investment Company. He brings with him 11 years of experience in financial management including management of corporate affairs, taxation and audit. Mr. Hafeez has also worked with Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder, Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan and Pak Oman Microfinance Bank. He is also a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

Mr. Ahmed Ateeq

Brings with him over 10 years of experience in Money, Capital Markets and Investment Banking.

Before PIML, he was associated with Pak Brunei Investment Company as Group Head Treasury, FIs and Public Sector Enterprises. Prior to that he was associated with Pak Oman Investment Company as Head of Corporate Treasury at which time Pak Oman became the only DFI to be appointed as Primary Dealer by the SBP.

He has also previously worked with Jahangir Siddiqui & Company and ABN Amro Bank in Pakistan. Mr. Ateeq’s areas of specialization include development of distribution networks, bond structuring/market making and fixed income investments. Under his supervision, Pak Brunei had one of the most active bond trading desks in the market.


Our team

Mr. Ahmed Ateeq, Chief Executive Officer:

10 years of experience in Fixed Income Investments/Distribution, Portfolio Management, Product Development and Investment Banking. Mr. Ahmed is an MBA by education and has worked with Pak Oman Investment Company, JSCL and ABN Amro Bank in the past.

Mr. Ateeq is also a member of following committees of MUFAP:

  • Rules Regulations & Product Development Committee – Mutual Funds
  • Ethics, Corporate Governance and Development of Codes
  • Pricing Policy, Development and Promotion of Debt Securities
  • Public Awareness, Public Relations & Education
Ms. Rahaila Aleem, Chief Financial Officer:

An associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. She started her career from M. Yousuf Adil Saleem & Co. specializing in Audit and Assurance Services in versatile industries specially the financial services sector.

Her experiences include statutory and financial audits, reviews and other engagements of reputable multinational and local organizations.

Ms. Sahar Khalid, Head, Marketing & Corporate Advisory:

Ms. Khalid has around 6½ years of work experience with a cross functional background in Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Operational Strategies and Finance; 4 of which were spent specifically in the field of Corporate Advisory and Sales.

Prior to joining PRIMUS Investment Management Limited, she served at Lakson Investments Limited, MCB Asset Management Company Limited, BMA Funds Limited, and Al-Meezan Investment Management Limited.

Ms. Khalid holds an Executive MBA degree and certifications in Accounting and Finance. She has also qualified the “ICM Mutual Fund Distributors Certification”.

Ms. Sadia Rizwan, ACI-D, Head, Fixed Income Funds:

5 years of sales/product development and fund management experience in Global Markets and Treasury; covering vanilla and derivative products in Fixed Income and FX markets. Ms. Rizwan is an MBA and a qualified dealer by ACI, International Financial Markets Association. Prior to joining PBIC, Ms. Rizwan has worked with Deutsche Bank, NIB Bank and Pak Kuwait Investment Company.

Mr. Haider Hussain, Head Of Research (Group-Shared):

7 years of experience in Financial Market/Academic Research. Mr. Hussain holds Masters degree in Economics and Applied Economics. Prior to joining PBIC, Mr. Hussain has worked with Elixir Securities Pakistan and an independent economic think-tank Social Policy and Development Center.

Mr. Abid Saeed, Head, Operations:

More than 11 years of experience in Operations. Mr. Abid has worked with KASB funds, Arif Habib Investment Management and KPMG Taseer Hadi Khalid & Co.

Mr. Arfeen Zia, Head, Risk:

4 years experience of Risk Management in Asset Management & Investment Advisory Services.

Mr. Zia has done BS in Actuarial Sciences & Risk Management and has worked with Faysal Asset Management and Deloitte (Pakistan) prior to joining PIML.

Mr. Muhammad Bashir, Head, Hr & Admin (Group Shared):

Around 40 years experience in Administration and HR Management. In the past, Mr. Bashir had worked with (EOBI) since its inception in various capacities in the relevant field and was retired from the post of Director (Administration).

Mr. Sultan Abid, Head, Compliance (Group-Shared):

More than 14 years experience, of which 11 years were spent with the SBP in the field of inspection of Commercial Banks, DFIs and Exchange Companies.

Mr. Abid is an MBA by education.

Brunei Investment Agency (BIA)

– Brunei Investment Agency (BIA) is the sovereign wealth fund of Brunei Darussalam. It is an investment arm of Ministry of Finance of Brunei

– BIA holds and manages the Government of Brunei’s General Reserve Fund and their external assets that are built up from export of oil and natural gas

– BIA was established in 1983 and the present the size of BIA’s external funds are US$ 30 billion

Pak Brunei Investment Company (PBIC)

– PBIC is a full service Merchant Banking outfit established in 2007 as a joint venture between Government of Pakistan and Brunei Investment Agency

– Company has established active platforms for Project Finance, Corporate Finance & Advisory, Capital Market Operations, and Fixed Income Trading & Distribution activities

– Company has maintained its position as the leading JVIC in terms of profitability, asset build-up, transaction pipeline and quality of human resource

Our strengths

– Our sponsor is backed up by the Government of Pakistan and Brunei Investment Agency (one of the most financially flourishing Agencies in the Region).

– Independent Thinking will be central to our success in the future. As Investment Advisors, we believe in looking at things from a different angle. We translate our vision of future Global and Economic events into relevant insights and better solutions for our clients.

– As an Active Investment Manager, we will use a disciplined approach and operate within a solid Risk Management Framework.

– PIML will be able to leverage on Pak Brunei’s position as a leading DFI in Pakistan, working hand in hand in advising the investors on strategic transactions whilst still operating according to its own Independent Investment Policy.

– PIML will not only be giving its investors access to mutual fund products, but also to a wide range of financial services through Pak Brunei’s platform, enabling its investors to capture what the market has to offer in all its dimensions.

– Our clients have recognized/acknowledged our Team for providing Top Quartile Service Levels in all the institutions they have served.

– We are not traditional Investment Managers, we build strategies designed to deliver precise risk dimensions to investors by targeting specific sources of higher expected returns identified by research.

– Offering, on average, more than 10 years of experience, our Investment Team has expertise honed through widely varied Markets (Debt, Equities, Commodities).

– We are the only AMC being headed by an ex-Treasurer/

– Under his management, the Treasury Division has one of the most active trading desks in the market with cumulative trading volume of Fixed Income Instruments crossing PKR 90 billion in 2011.

– Has developed a niche in trading TFCs.

– Has a very strong clientele base through its Marketing and FI relationships units.

– Has continued to outperform the generic market benchmarks in terms of portfolio return.

– Has reported a 130% CAGR of income between 2007 and 2011.

Opportunities in the market

– Market is currently relatively untapped and there is a vital need of innovation for both from the perspective of fund base/distribution as well as product choice.

– Outstanding amount of National Saving Schemes (NSS) currently stands around PKR 1.8 billion while PKR 5.4 billion is invested in low yielding bank deposits. This translates into the potential size of the mutual fund industry in excess of PKR 7.0 billion.

– Mutual funds can also be used to lure foreign investment in the country, especially in the fixed income asset class. Preliminary evidence shows that even incorporating exchange rate depreciation and market risk premium, investment return of fixed income instruments in Pakistan is still higher than that in developed markets.

– Effective monitoring of operations of mutual funds and other Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) by SECP has improved investor confidence to a great extent. These measures help to promote investor confidence.


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