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YAHCLICK’ for Pakistan’s home and business users launched

Published on 12th Dec, Edition 50, 2016


Service will help Pakistan accelerate its economic growth, social development by improving access to information technology

Yahsat provides multipurpose satellite solutions (government and commercial) for broadband, broadcast, and communications use across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Central and South West Asia. The company has recently launched its high speed internet service called ‘YahClick’ for Pakistan’s home and business users.

UAE’s premier broadband satellite internet service provider, Yahsat is based in Abu Dhabi and is wholly owned by Mubadala, the Abu Dhabi based investment and development company.

Yahsat is the first company in the Middle East and Africa to offer multi-purpose satellite services, including: YahClick offers home solutions, business solutions and transportable solutions; YahService offers managed solutions and government capacity; and YahLink offers IP trunking solutions, corporate networking capacity and backhauling capacity.

After the recent launching ‘YahClick’ in Pakistan a spokesperson of Yahsat said they are determined to provide high quality broadband internet to Pakistani users. ‘YahClick’ broadband internet service will be available through a small size satellite dish and modem throughout Pakistan and will be most useful for users who do not have internet connectivity due to lack of terrestrial infrastructure.

YahClick will help Pakistan accelerate its economic growth and social development by improving access to information and reducing operational costs for internet access in the most remote and currently underserved areas, spokesperson added.

The spokesperson said that ‘YahClick’ is a market leader in Africa and has a very strong customer base in Middle East and different parts of Asia. ‘YahClick’ plays a strong role in the humanitarian and education sector and NGOs benefit strongly from ‘YahClick’ wide ranging service portfolio. Yahsat has a well-established partner program in Pakistan, which will serve different segments with sales and after sales support. Spokesperson added that Yahsat stayed in touch with different stakeholders and potential users in Pakistan through its resident manager and office in Pakistan.

Yahsat operates a fleet of 2 satellites with most powerful capacity and will add a third satellite next year.

Yahsat provides high speed broadband internet services to over one billion population in 28 countries through its two satellites in orbit. The upcoming Yahsat’s third satellite will extend coverage to another 600 million in 17 countries. YahClick’ provides essential connectivity to SMEs, SOHO, healthcare and education providers, entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, remote VIP sites, O&G, NGOs, and connectivity deprived populations in disaster zones.

According to Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Yashat, Pakistan is one of the most important and big markets for satellite broadband internet as there is exceptional demand in the rural and underserved communities across the country for broadband internet services.

Current enhanced connectivity is providing far-reaching social and economic benefits for the nation. Beyond commerce, there are social benefits for residents which are hugely impactful — providing knowledge transfer, growth and opportunity, he added.

Yahsat service – YahClick is using state-of-the-art satellite technology to send and receive high-speed broadband internet signals in Pakistan, linking some of the country’s most important infrastructures. This includes the banking sector, where over ATMs for many leading banks are serving the country’s most isolated locations. Ever since the market entry we are attracting more business and home users who are striving for better connectivity and access to global online, social, cultural and knowledge communities.

Karakoram Area Development Organization (KADO) is a community based NGO, working in remote Aliabad, in the Hunza region. KADO has established seven IT learning centers, all of which are connected to YahClick’s satellite internet facilities. Students attend courses free of cost, which include web design, programming, e-marketing, call-centre training, online stocks, solar energy solutions and forex trading. Upon completion of training, KADO helps facilitate employment contracts for its graduates.

Gilgit-Baltistan province is one of the least accessible provinces in Pakistan. As a result, it is difficult for economic produce from the province to gain widespread access to the rest of the country. Ongoing security issues have compounded the province’s isolation, resulting in limited investment in infrastructure, including telecom and internet access.

In Pakistan, the wide area coverage capability of satellite connectivity makes high-speed internet access from remote locations quick and easy, and is transferable relatively easily to any location within the satellite’s coverage area. Through satellite broadband communications, users in the remotest parts of the country are now able to take a giant leap forward when it comes to high performance broadband. Previously underserved communities are no longer subjected to the costs and physical limitations that would be present with traditional cable based systems.

With high speed broadband is beyond the limited as now a doctor can enjoy the same level of access to the latest medical expertise wherever he is on his rounds, just as a child can enjoy a face-to-face tutorial without a two hour trek to the ‘local’.


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