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Dow university taking leading role in medical education

Published on 9th May, Edition 19, 2016


No doubt, without education it is complete darkness and with education it is light. Education is a matter of life and death to our nation. The world is currently moving so fast that if you do not educate yourselves you would be not only totally left behind, but would be finished up.

Currently the Government of Pakistan is making all attempts to modernize medical education in Pakistan. Revolutionary alters happening in medical education and practice, there is immediate need to launch effective modalities of medical education in the country in public and private sector under-graduate institutions. It is, however, unfortunate that successive governments have neglected this sector as a whole and the medical education in particular.

This vital sector was not given due priority it deserved and the consequence is that we are on path of utter fall. Unluckily in Pakistan rural population who do not have access to health services, there is a rising dissatisfaction even in urban centers about the existing health services.

With a population of almost 200 million and being a nuclear state, it is unfortunate that our leaders or those who could afford prefer to go overseas/abroad for treatment. Frequent international trips of parliamentarians and other high ranking civil servants on medical grounds obviously reflects the lack of confidence in Pakistan’s medical institutions and hospitals and warrants holistic reforms to put medical profession on sound footing.

It is high time that research in medical education or institutions be taken as a significant measure and for this the Government of Pakistan must lend a supporting hand to the institutions and offer them essential funds so that talented youth could acquire medical education of foreign standards in Pakistan.

The country’s public health care system comprises health work force, physical infrastructure, equipments, supplies and a host of health activities.

At present, there are 118,041 hospital beds in Pakistan, which give a population-bed ratio of 1,593. The number of registered doctors 175,223 whereas the number of dentists available in Pakistan is 15,106 while the number of nurses and qualified health visitors 90,276 and 15,325. Thus there is 1.0 doctor for 1,073 and 1.0 dentist for 12,447 persons. The number of hospitals is 1,142 while the number of dispensaries and other outlets 5,499.

Since bulk of doctors and hospitals are located in major cities, the rural population has much lower health facilities.


Role of Dow university

In the country the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) is playing main role in the medical sector. It is not just a medical university but a Model Medical University that offers other medical universities with a pathway to follow in every field of medicine and allied health sciences by its exclusive, quality education, low cost programs, best community services and great research output.

The Mission of Dow University is utilized to direct personnel plans through giving the university with a guideline to decide the hiring of the most competent professionals, experienced and adept in their specialized fields and who can, thus, serve the community more diligently and efficiently through offering their best contribution towards the promotion of quality health education in the country.

DUHS is the first institute of the country to prepare and adopt modular system to make better doctors, who obtain post graduation easily besides getting good scores in USMLE.

Moreover The Dow International Medical College (DIMC) internationally implemented integrated objective based Modular Curriculum, as it is also in line with Dow Medical an integrated modular curriculum can be explained as courses with subject matter classified through organ systems rather than according to the departments such as anatomy, physiology or biochemistry. Such a curriculum fosters professional development, and is coupled with systematic and coherent development of clinical and communication skills.

All institutions of DUHS counting DIMC are recognized globally and included in IMED WHO directory. Newly-constructed building has about 200,000 sq. ft. covered area. State-of-the-art facilities counting spacious and completely equipped laboratories, libraries, power lab, lecture halls and hostels are provided.

Digital Library has greater than 300 computer stations linked to the main high class server to have large storage capacity and HEC connectivity for access to greater than 22,000 journals and 45,000 text books to assist in updating knowledge and acquire information for research.

There is also a library having greater than 4,000 books along with spacious reading halls. With the establishment of DUHS, office of CME started working simultaneously.

Under this office CME lectures, seminars, symposia conferences and International Health Days are conducted on a daily basis. Over a period of one and a half years this office managed to set up greater than 100 nationwide and global events, with the assistance of dedicated faculty and alumni abroad.


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