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TUSDEC: celebrating ten years of service excellence in industrial sector

Published on 16th Mar, Edition 11, 2015


TUSDEC (Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company) has celebrated its tenth anniversary on the completion of its first decade of existence. During the course, it has fulfilled its strategic commitments to upgrade technology and skills of various industrial sectors in order to connect Pakistan to the global value chain. It has emerged as an epitome project management and implementation agency and has implemented projects worth Rs3 billion for the Government of Pakistan, multi-funding agencies and collaborated with local NGOs & CSR wings to substantiate industrial development.

Future plans

Validation of industrial development through technology transfer and supply of technically adept manpower was ignited through the establishment of state-of-the-art Common Facility Centres (CFCs) for Ceramics and TDM (Tools Dies and Molds) in the industrial terrains of Gujranwala and Karachi. The centers have facilitated the SMEs with affluent support in precision manufacturing, product design, training and technical consultancy.

According to the company source, TUSDEC will pursue with industrial sector development in the next phase of the journey and the journey is embarked with the establishment of Light Engineering Centers. The company in partnership with Asian Development Bank (ADB) is establishing Light Engineering Support Centers in Lasbella, Hyderabad and Peshawar to consummate need-based manpower development and demand-based technical assistance for the local industry.

Skill development training

TUSDEC in affiance with its public/private and development partners spurred industrial development in diverse areas such as cement, garments, ceramics, renewable energy, product design and development and skill development. The technical assistance programs are contributing towards creating enabling environment for innovation, creativity and competitiveness besides growth and support of entrepreneurship. Company source explicated that the company has auspiciously contributed towards new technological horizons for industrial support specifically through training of trainers program for the garment industry and skill development in solar technologies.


Cognizant to the dichotomy of manpower abundance and prevalent economic turbulences in the form of raging impoverishments, TUSDEC is emphasizing on technical and vocational skill development of marginalized communities. The skill development programs during the first decade has trained more than 18,000 students, engineers, professionals including the marginalized stratas to obstruct their progression towards grim social evils. The company has contemplated to augment this number through training a pool of 12,000 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA under TVET Sector Reform project.

Company source at the tenth anniversary further shared that TUSDEC is fostering to shift the TVET mechanism of Pakistan from a supply driven to a training system that is compelled by the industry’s demand for skill in the curricula, training methodologies and foremost the areas of training. The skill development programs of TUSDEC are based on the philosophy of formulating relevant technical manpower before the indigenization of a sophisticated technology across the industry.

National progress and economic means

TUSDEC has successfully completed its first ten years of operations and collaborated with multiple across-the-board organizations to materialize its mandate of industrial sector development through technology transfer and skill development. Company source shared that TUSDEC will optimistically contribute during the upcoming course and initiated the working for the uplift of footwear, fans, hosiery, sports goods, surgical instruments, plastic goods and 2/3 wheelers automobiles sectors indicating huge employment and exports potentials while formulating a substantial chunk of national revenue. Adding further, the source shared that TUSDEC is also working in close affiance with the private sector and multi-lateral agencies for the successful execution of its skill development initiatives to secure better livelihood chances for the beneficiaries. TUSDEC has adopted a wholesome approach for development by addressing the technological and skills gaps impeding the path of national progression. TUSDEC will persistently work to materialize its mandate to reach parity with the developed world by assimilation of technology upgrades and use of modern techniques and skill development that will expedite value addition while enhancing productivity; ultimately bootstrapping the economy to increased GDP.


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