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Habib University: a world-class liberal arts and sciences institute

Published on 6th Apr, Edition 14, 2015


Policy frameworks provided in a draft Vision 2025 for Pakistan have objectives at substantial growth in access to education as well as making important developments in quality of education in the country. Pakistan ranks 113th out of 120 states in the UNESCO‘s all education development index. There is still a high dropout rate at the primary, secondary and tertiary stage in the country whereas a yearly expenditure is very low as barely 2.0 percent of its GDP on education system has been budgeted. Furthermore the quality of education is a major issue; poorly qualified and untrained educators, immaterial curriculum, non availability of books, lack of other learning stuff, inadequate space because of which learning steps are low, educator’s absenteeism are the key problems.

Under the Vision 2025, growth of a society will be focused in which every youth, child and adult must have access to well education without discrimination. Moreover, the 11th five year development plan (FY2013-2018) is under preparation and emphasizes on technical education. Higher Education Commission would help the growth of colleges and universities.

To improve the quality of education and literacy rate in the country, Habib University is engaged in nurturing students to be a leader in everything they undertake. Equally important, the management hopes that Habib University enables students to be strongly engaged people; an engaged people who would assist serve their wider community using innovative and creative and innovative techniques of learning and action. At University, management is also working vigorously to construct bridges with leading higher educational institutions globally to advance modern knowledge and provide meaningful research and learning opportunities at local and international levels.

State-Of-The-Art Campuses

Habib University offers four undergraduate degree programs by its 2 schools — the school of arts humanities and social sciences; and the school of engineering and social science. The school of science and engineering (SSE) aims to have a profound impact on the society as well as on the economy of Pakistan. The school takes an exclusive approach to an engineering and science education, balancing both its practical and theoretical aspects, and combining these with teaching in the liberal arts. It supplements customary learning techniques with project and community-based learning.

In the University students have access to very distinguished faculty, cutting edge research labs, and a huge richness of academic resources all within one of the most state-of-the-art university campuses in this region. Surprisingly university’s curriculum is flexible, innovative and interdisciplinary in approach and comparable to the curricula of the enormous knowledge centers globally.


Students of the university realize that learning is a social activity that occurs in various locations beyond usual classes. Lectures are accompanied through class conversation; recall and memory are balanced with discovery and critical thinking. The University’s exclusive campus design gives an ideal physical environment which internalizes the rules of beauty, passion, respect, service and fineness that would make sure the continuity of ordinary, enduring importance. Habib University’s campus produces an environment that instills passion for creativity and learning, promotes reflection and discourse, and promotes respect for pluralism and diversity. In the Habib University Library students have those quiet moments that lead to a fascinating idea and the joys of crafting of an essay whose narrative blends elegantly with the expression and the argument rings true.

Economic Contribution

The House of Habib (HoH) has been a leader in the Pakistan’s economic progress. With businesses ranging from multimedia to retail, automotive to construction, there is little that has not been touched through the entrepreneurial attainment of the House. They have been an anchor for Pakistan in its early stages of autonomy, and continue to enrich the country with their pragmatic objective for the future. Habib University offers student’s financial assistance packages to the students like grants: these funds are need-based that are awarded based on the financial assistance application.

Educational Contribution

The House of Habib’s support for educational measures in the country is unparalleled by any other business conglomerate. The group has organized various institutions that impart educational system of the largest standards irrespective of the social or financial background of the recipients. These include the Habib Public and the Habib Girls School networks, which give educational access at very discounted rates. These schools also sponsor children and adolescents’ institutions even higher education.


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