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Information technology offering key role for education growth

Published on 30th Mar, Edition 13, 2015


IT (Information Technology) is the use of computer and software to operate information. Microelectronics-based combination of computing and telecommunications is the processing, acquisition, storage and dissemination of textual, numerical, vocal and pictorial information. Use of IT in higher education has been enhanced through a variety of stakeholders approximately in two decades. Critiques of the often overhyped and tendentious nature of this enhancement identify a range of attentions in operation from private sector systems of technology, by media and academic commentators. The planners are more interested in competence than in learning advantages.

No doubt IT has become a powerful instrument for improving educational settings. Rising reliance on technology is modifying teacher-student interaction with the passage of time. It is significant to mention that what type of audio-visual staff is provided to students and what is its quantity. Latest technologies provide students and teachers simple access to the means of manipulation and production of images in class. States are built on which basic need is education as it creates heavy returns as against to any other avenue.

Youthful minds enable themselves to absolve surrounding knowledge for informed paining at any later phase in life and they are enlightened to agree fresh plans, expose creativity, and develop serious thinking.

Computer is not very suitable for Pakistan as the country cannot afford it because of its underdevelopment phase. Gradually with the common utilization of computer and accessibility of desktop and lap tops and usability, cheapest computer has raised the significance of computer. In present eras both countrywide and globally – the speedy, effectual, and worldwide communication of knowledge has generated a fresh foundation for teamwork and cooperation through IT.

Skilled citizens utilize Internet and computer for learning dissimilar programs – project based, differentiated, or remote – as it is a simple method of learning in which educators don’t provide lecture but give students’ issues to answer, for instance online lectures. Internet assists the readers/students to search the answers of their questions at their own home in the absence of educators. Thus, IT gives students the simple method to research about their questions.


Key role

In the education sector of Pakistan, IT increasingly played a key role since 1990s. This widespread IT familiarity gave more benefits to the educational system, thus the role of IT has resulted in the widening of informative access, providing citizens the chance to study for a qualification or a latest opportunities in their auxiliary time.

More citizens who are skilled, can now access career trainings and even degree programs online. Anyone who has a computer and the will to study can learn for a degree and/or a career change. The students can be skilled through the use of IT in informative institutes because IT gives more creative teaching and plan and instruction to improve the information of students.

Search engines make the research easier and give updated information and rapid search with only a mouse click. The Internet also makes sure the readers that they would have perfect and viable information. With education becoming more oriented towards sensible aspects rather than the theoretical and with competition among education providers intensifying, institutions across the globe are spending heavily in technology to give their students with faster, clearer and updated knowledge.

Success and competition in Pakistan

And, present Internet era, when the competition amongst informative institutions has also gone worldwide, Pakistan’s informative institutions do not want to lag behind. Most of them now utilize the fresh technology, software and gadgets solutions to improve and enrich the entire learning experience for students; serve the other stakeholders such as parents, efficiently; and control their intangible and tangible resources, professionally. Presently Pakistan achieved the 2015 Spectrum for Mobile Broadband Award. During April 2014, the IT Ministry fruitfully sold spectrum for 3G/4G services in the country in the 1800MHz and 2100MHz bands. The rapid roll-out of 3G and 4G services is growing progress and competence in all sectors counting banking, health, education, media and retailing, also being a key enabler for innovative e-services like e-medicine and e-education in rural and remote regions of Pakistan.

In last, IT must be a main tool for education in Pakistan. For this mission, the department of IT should take measures in order to affect upon the status of education sector. The Government of Pakistan may take steps to upgrade the level of IT in the informative institutions of Pakistan.


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