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Chhipa takes priority to serve and love human and respect humanity

Published on 29th June, Edition 26, 2015


Chhipa Welfare Association is purely a non-profit, non-government organization registered with Government of Pakistan and Government of Sindh, which under the guidance of Dr Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa (Sitara-e Imtiaz), is having a mission and motto called “loved human, respect humanity”. It is providing comfort and mental solace to the poor, worried and wretched persons through all possible means. The Association used to provide help and succor to the suffering people in times of their extreme needs. Chhipa has a priority to serve and save human without any discrimination of caste creed or color. One of the biggest operations is the ambulance service with highly dedicated fleet, equipped with all emergency facility for the resuscitation of the injured or sick, seriously or in acute trauma phase.

Whether it is a scene of accidents, bomb blast, shootout, stampede, floods or any disastrous situation, dedicated Chhipa Ambulances with highly motivated and trained volunteers leave no stone unturned to reaching the scene with speedy rescue operation for evacuating the affected people, rushing to medical facilities. For this purpose, Chhipa Welfare Association have established ambulance booths in nook and cranny in Karachi city because of which the rescue operation gets initiated in seconds.

Free food service

Chhipa Welfare daily provides 2 times free foods to 30,000 thousands of the poor, labors and low-income group worried and starving people through Chhipa Dastarkhawan spread over at all Chhipa Centers with respect, proper attention and due care regularly, so that from the savings they can spend money on their children’s education, health and utility bills and could heave a sigh of relief in these days of great hardship.

Chhipa also remains busy with distribution of Free Monthly Ration to the poor white-collared families, free medicines, free clothes, blankets, etc., to the deserving indigent people and many others social and welfare activities, humanitarian work, financial helps and supports to the poor worried aged persons, widows, orphans, paupers & daily wages workers every month round the year. A Chhipa programme for food is for all indigent.

The skyrocketing rates of poverty and unemployment, reduced wages amid escalating rate of inflation and social and other issues causing a decline in trade and economic activities are some of major root cause of devastation being prevailed around everywhere.

There are millions of daily wager and even employed men working for public or private sector, widows and disabled persons, who find it most difficult to earn enough to feed their kith and kin, provide dresses and send them to schools. Amid all these anomalies, the worst of all is to keep alive and this particular need is conditioned by availability of food. But millions cannot afford to buy food.

State-Of-The-Art Kitchen

Chhipa Welfare Association took this responsibility for providing free cooked and raw food to more than 30,000 indigent citizens of Pakistan. For this noble cause, Chhipa Welfare Association established state-of-the-art Chhipa Kitchen with fully automatic bread-baking plant, which works round the clock. Chhipa Welfare Association ensures supply of cooked food to Chhipa Dastarkhawan at hundreds of its centers and ambulance booths across Karachi where 30,000 starving people gather and gets fed with complete self-respect.

However, the Dastarkhawan is solely dependent on public donations as it costs millions to feed more than 30,000 starving people twice daily.

Chhipa Palna (cradle)

Chhipa puts hands of affection and compassion on the newly born unwanted babies. There were many reasons that compelled people to disown their legitimate child and even those reproduced from courtship and the social taboos, poverty, lack of knowledge about family planning especially when there were many children in an indigent family.

Chhipa Welfare has placed Chhipa Palna (Cradle) at all Chhipa Emergency Ambulance Centers with an appeal to people to calmly throw the un-wanted newly born child in Chhipa Palna (Cradle) for adoption by interested childless married couple registered with Chhipa Head Office who gladly want to adopt and bring up the deserted newly born minor child to make worthy citizen of country, which is most admirable step of Social Worker Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa (Sitara-e-Imtiaz).

Irrespective of reasons, it is right of every child to live and none has any legal or moral right to kill it. Unfortunately, due to social taboos, society does not accept such unwanted child especially those born without marriage but still, there is no rule permissible for killing that unwanted child or else this brutal act of murdering the innocent child would be tantamount to murdering the whole humanity.

Social Worker Dr Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa (Sitara-e Imtiaz) has been proactive and vociferously vocal for human rights of unwanted child and has through yearlong toiling managed to create awareness about protection of unwanted child and hence the concept of Chhipa Palna ‘The Cradle’ was actualised.

His unending struggle for raise the people up to the level of human courage for throwing not away any newly born on garbage inside filthy lane, beside sewage drain or at dumpsters has worked wonders. People have now started realizing their cruelness toward infanticide on the pretext of poverty and insolvency.


Those infants born out of marriage and thrown at dumpsters were an open source of dining of stray dogs, wild cats and rodents, which Chhipa Cradle has prevented to a great extent.

There are large numbers of interested well-off and educated childless married couples registered with Chhipa Welfare Association, who are willing to adopt such unwanted infants.

Chhipa Palnas are installed at all Chhipa Emergency Ambulance Centres across Karachi for leaving the unwanted child fearlessly and without being questioned. Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa owns the unwanted child as first guardian until a childless married couple steps forward to adopt it.

Chhipa Welfare Association ensures complete record of all unwanted children he had picked from Chhipa Palnas and Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa regularly visits homes of adopting parents and also monitors the well-being of the adopted children remotely.

Sadqa & Aqiqa goats

Sadqa, (a form of charity with special intention and for special purpose) proves to be a defence shield for your life and property and for those on whose behalf it is given. Sadqa repels and removes all sorts of un-expected calamities, sudden disasters, mental agonies, worries, anxieties, perplexities, tensions and anguish and also gives spiritual power to boost early recovery from variety of illnesses.

Goats are often given as Sadqa and for performing Aqiqa. Goats are expensive in animal markets and in order to facilitate people intending to offer goats as Sadqa and Aqiqa, Chhipa Welfare Association has ensured 24 hours availability of goats at affordable prices at all Chhipa Ambulance Centers across Karachi city. Any person can get the goat sacrificed at any Chhipa Ambulance Center.

People can also perform goat slaughter by their own hands or in their presence.

Chhipa ration

Chhipa provides ration, at the beginning of every month, to white-collared deserving families without any break.

Chhipa Welfare is the custodian of those families that seriously lack necessary funds to meet their day-to-day needs for the essential of life, nutritious food, clothing and educational needs. It is our top priority to first ensure provisioning of food to such deserving families on monthly basis. Respect of their self-esteem is mandatory and cannot be compromised under any circumstances and at any cost.

Chhipa Welfare being an NGO is solely dependent on public donations and support from philanthropists and needs large scale financial support to keep operations going. Number of such deserving families has almost increased twice as double in past 6 months and more families are being added to the list almost daily.

Lifeguards service

Chhipa also gets out of ocean drowned people through expert divers posted on the brink of ocean. This measure has reduced death toll and suicide attempts of general public.

Chhipa emergency

Chhipa Welfare performs initial resuscitation to reach those injured in accidents, people in urgent medical help through its dedicated Chhipa Ambulances with all emergency medical supplies and equipments.


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