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Pakistan tourism is growing and should depict safe

Published on 22nd June, Edition 25, 2015


Interview with Mr Paul Midy — Global Ceo jovago.Com


Paul Midy is the Global CEO of Jovago, which is an international venture by Rocket Internet specializing in online hotel booking.

He completed his undergraduate studies from Ecole Polytechnique, France after which he went to Columbia University in New York to pursue his graduation. After completing his education, he worked for seven years at McKinsey & Company where he was an Associate Partner.

He joined Rocket Internet in 2014 to further enhance and expand the business of Jovago.com, Pakistan’s No.1 online hotel booking website. Jovago aims to address an existing gap in the industry by facilitating tourism and bringing value added services all under one platform on Internet.


PAGE: Your views on tourism in Pakistan:

Paul Midy: I believe that the tourism industry in Pakistan is growing. We need to better portray the image of Pakistan internationally, where we tell people it is not as unsafe as they think. There are places in the Northern region which are just so beautiful, and people never see these beautiful images of Pakistan.

Jovago.com aims to promote Pakistan is a positive way, first for the Pakistani and then for the international travelers. We have an updated and running Jovago blog where readers can see places to visit and things to do in those places, and through our website and blog we are really hoping to boost tourism in Pakistan. Pakistan has a lot of potential, and this potential needs to come more in the limelight.

PAGE: Do you think we need to improve our infrastructure to facilitate tourism?

Paul Midy: Well, better infrastructure always does facilitate more tourism. From what I’ve seen the infrastructure in Pakistan is improving, and lands to remote areas – where it was previously a mission to get to – those are under renovation, making different cities and areas more and more accessible to tourists.


PAGE: How would you comment on the law and order situation in Pakistan and is it hampering the tourism?

Paul Midy: The safety situation is playing a part in the lack of tourist activities, but it isn’t hampering them altogether. Like I previously said, the image of Pakistan which is portrayed worldwide really does need to be improved. My colleagues and I visit every few months, and honestly we have never felt threatened or unsafe. We go out and eat, visit hotels, and don’t restrict our movements and so far everything has been great!

PAGE: How would you comment on the hospitality industry in Pakistan?

Paul Midy: The hospitality industry in Pakistan is slowly seeing some growth. Every month we have 30 to 40 per cent more bookings — shows that there is quite a lot of activity going on. There is a lot of scope and potential to further develop this industry and as I mentioned about we at Jovago.com plan on doing so.

PAGE: Your views on investment in infrastructure:

Paul Midy: The infrastructure is improving, like I mentioned above, and Jovago will always support the Government of Pakistan in taking measures to improve the existing infrastructure.


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