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Karachi Expo Center equipped with latest facilities

Published on 17th Mar, Edition 11, 2014


Exhibitions make an important contribution to various business sectors globally. The more global a business sector the more significant the role of trade explains in introducing vendors to buyers and ensuring that industry players sustain contact with industry’s growth.

Trade explains tend to be a celebration of success with successful firms exhibiting and visiting. These exhibitions do much great result than introduce one person to another of course. We know that the main exhibitions that we work with are worldwide ‘meetings places’ giving a highly cost efficient environment in which top management can meet with other firms, senior management and to discuss joint ventures and partnerships, to sustain and deepen commerce relationships and to identify latest business opportunities. This catalytic/enabling impact of trade explains the basic of giving the return on investment for visitors and exhibitors and in most cases gives the measurement criteria for determining success. Exhibitions also make a precious contribution to the economy by offering employment in events organizing firms, hotels, venues, stand/booth design and build and so on. This is regarded as an essence of an economic development that makes great income/profit. All countries of the world are making an attempt to expand economic development by exhibitions. It also provides a chance to achieve the latest information and advanced technologies. So it shares to keep the peace of the world. Exhibitions give a range of properties such as no other marketing tool in this form and connection: they are perfect platforms to develop and cherish customer relations; they give possibilities of sales and its promotion as well as positioning of firm and product brands; they generate networks between all relevant market associates; they leverage medial attention for the whole branch, in a way that can’t be reached through firms on their own; they also act internally by concentrating all marketing functions in a purposeful way.

In Pakistan, Karachi Expo Center is located in the commercial capital. The Center has a distinction of CAR-countries, accessible to Middle East and Asian countries. Being a cosmopolitan, the city adds flavor for foreign marketing geopolitically. Karachi Expo Center offers opportunity to showcase the largest collection of Pakistan’s export merchandise and services. International buyers are invited from all over the world by Pakistani government, not only to see the product potential but also to avail the option of having on-spot B2B meetings with the country’s exporters. It has become primary sourcing point for a great number of businesses, giving them a head start on sourcing for coming seasons.


The Center is designed with advanced facilities based on international standards creating a market and a world of its own. Karachi Expo comprises of three independent linked halls measuring 6,690 sq. meter base area. Two halls contain mezzanine floor measuring 445 sq meter each, while the third hall has a space of 1,270 sq. meter on its two mezzanine floors. Congress center houses the secretarial services, press, new kitchen and a cafeteria on its first floor. The second floor is available for seminars/conferences for a sizeable meeting. The whole center is centrally air-conditioned. Adequate warehousing and parking facility of 2,400 cars, greater than 250 telephone lines internal telephone exchange, premises security, restaurant with seating of 250 guest, painting display area in corridor, open display area and public address system inside each hall are also available.


Developing the exhibition economy can boost jobs opportunities. Exhibitions provide economic advantages and also promote personal and cultural exchanges. The fact is that exhibitions are all about economic development. For achieving the economic targets the government of Pakistan should organize more exhibitions in the country by taking the advantage of this spacious and suitable place.

KARACHI EXPO CENTRE (Effective: 1st July, 2012)




A. Hall-1



B. Hall-2















G. Foyer Area



H. Congress Center

50% (900, (1st Floor)


50% (910, 2nd Floor)


I. Open Area Carpeted




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