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‘Shining New’ vs. ‘Out-Of-Date’

Published on 4th Feb, Edition 06, 2013


Imported used cars – A cause of discomfort for local industry

The people in the local auto industry are on cloud nine after hearing from the government that the age limit for imported used cars has been reduced from five to three years. It is refreshing to hear such good news amidst the never ending plethora of unpleasant tidings. The government has given a reason to car buyers to rejoice as a result of this very important decision.

Pondering on the subject of benefits of locally manufactured cars against imported used cars, a number of reasons come to mind for buying a local car. At first, one should say, there is definitely no comparison between a brand new local car and an imported used one. When you buy a brand new locally made car you are sure to get a warranty of two years, which means a total two year relief in terms of non-mechanical or mechanical fault, whereas, an imported used car comes with no such warranty.

Secondly, the relationship between the consumer and the company does not end after the purchase. The company provides after sales service that keeps the buyer free from maintenance worries of his car. In the event of a mechanical fault, the buyer can easily contact Customer Care and get his car fixed under the company’s nationwide after sales service. On the other hand, the dealers who sell imported used cars are done once they have your money and you have your car keys.

Next, in case of an accident, when some parts need to be changed, they are easily available when you own a locally manufactured car. Not only this, but they can be purchased at a very reasonable price. In contrast, the parts for a foreign made car are hardly available in Pakistan. Just in case you get your hands on your required spare part, the price will leave you dazed.

Also, it is important to note that locally manufactured cars are specifically designed for Pakistani roads, which makes them durable. To the contrary, imported used cars are manufactured for smoother roads, due to which they do not last longer on the bumpy Pakistani roads. Their suspensions give out very easily because they are designed for a road free from irregularities.

The fact that a new car is a new car cannot be ignored. It has a high resale value. Once the consumer has savored the newness of his car and is ready to sell it, he can do so happily because he will get good value for the car. The owner of an imported used car does not have this benefit since it has no resale value due to its old age, rusty underbody, dented and re-painted outer body, tampered meter, zero guarantee and what not.

Recalling his misfortune, a Karachi resident, who happened to buy a used car imported from Japan , related his bad experience thus: “The car I bought appeared to be in a good condition; the dealer said it was okay but later, it started having problems with its suspension and brakes. I could not get these replaced as I couldn’t find them in the market. I spent my hard earned money on a car that I couldn’t drive for long.” He warned other people by saying, “A car dealer would say or promise anything to sell his car. It is useless to spend money on a car that is not durable and cannot even be repaired.”

Another buyer of an imported used car, expressing his feelings of regret, said, “I thought I bought a good car until I found out that it didn’t have a thermostat. Not only this, but its coolant was completely filled with rust. After spending a hefty amount at the mechanics, I found it still didn’t work and started overheating. I was outraged by the extent of fraud.” He said that he would never buy an imported used car again; instead he’d be content to buy a locally manufactured car that will serve his transport needs for a good number of years.


Thankfully, the government’s action to reduce the age limit of imported used cars has forced people to rethink their decision of buying a second hand car imported from another country. It is questionable as to why buy foreign junk when brand new cars of top-notch quality are available at affordable prices in the country.

The government step is of major significance to consumers and to the auto industry. The effects of this decision would be widespread and are sure to put things in the right direction. People should learn from others’ mistakes and not indulge in buying a crappy old foreign car when the need can be fulfilled by a locally made new car.

The positive stance taken by the government towards the automotive and allied sectors has served a great purpose for the consumers. It will stop people from being tempted into buying foreign used cars. Finally, you will see less repaired and meter reversed cars and more new local cars on the roads!

Environment awareness

Stability of the local automakers carries many a spillovers specially corporate sectors contribution towards social welfare certainly deserves support on the part of the government as well as the society as a whole.

It is just to refer as an example that Indus Motor Company (IMC) keeping its tradition of creating awareness among young generation about environment organizes Nature Carnival in collaboration with WWF-Pakistan as an annual feature in Pakistan and this time it is to be held during current week at PAF Museum , Karachi.

Thousands of children from different schools, colleges and universities will be visiting the informative daylong event that will not only inculcate them sense of healthy environment but also educate them towards the importance of environmental conservation for the society.

Students from more than 150 schools, colleges & universities are expected to participate in the Toyota School Environment Program-2013 to showcase their green ideas for environmental conservation.

The objective of this program is to foster a sense of individual responsibility and accountability in the future generations of Pakistan towards nature conservation. Chief Guest Mr. Sheikh Afzal, Provisional Minister for Environment and CEO IMC Mr. Parvez Ghias will distribute prizes to winning students in different categories.

CEO IMC, Parvez Ghias said “Indus Motor and WWF-Pakistan have been endeavoring to raise awareness among the youth across Pakistan on environmental issues and concerns of Pakistan . Such program would equip future generation to safeguard the rapidly-polluting environment of the country so that upcoming generations can breathe in fresh air”.


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