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How reliable are ecommerce businesses?

Published on 28th Oct, Edition 43, 2019


After consultations with private and public sector stakeholders the Federal Cabinet approved the e-commerce policy framework – a significant step towards regulating and supporting the growth of an industry which promises digital connectivity, employment and economic growth.

The framework focuses on customer protection and confidence, recognising it as the core issue confronting the industry’s growth. In the absence of direct contact between buyers and sellers, there is a need for regulation. However, big players in the ecommerce landscape are already taking significant measures to ensure that customers are protected throughout their online shopping journey. So just how reliable are ecommerce businesses?

Daraz, an online marketplace that was acquired by Alibaba in 2018, has found solutions to ensure customers are always protected.


Purchase Protection Policy

Daraz has implemented a stringent purchase protection policy to ensure that customers are safeguarded from all kinds of fraud when engaging in a transaction. Whether customers choose to pay cash on delivery, make prepayments with their bank cards or use the platform’s close-looped wallet, Daraz accepts onus of protecting them from scams.

The purchase protection policy ensures genuine products (you get what you order); safe and secure payments through all payment options (the PCI DCCS compliant system ensures complete data security); and free and easy returns.


Informed purchasing decisions

Operating on a marketplace model whereby 30,000 active sellers list their products on the platform, Daraz has cultivated an assortment of 7 million products going on to 8 million in just a matter of days. In order to help customers streamline their options and make informed decisions, Daraz has launched two features – Instant Message and Reviews and Ratings. Instant Messaging allows customers to interact directly with sellers and have their queries regarding product quality answered instantaneously. Reviews and Ratings on the other hand allow customers to rate their experience with a seller and share written and image reviews – this helps other prospecting customers decide. Both features provide holistic information so that customers can streamline their options and place orders they are comfortable with.


Digitized logistics system

Daraz technology allows customers to track orders after purchase. Once a customer places an order, he can check order status on the Daraz app. Daraz also sends regular SMS updates to customers to keep them informed.


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