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Impact of rebalancing move of China on developing economies

  China has been experiencing fastest GDP growth rate (not less than 10 percent) for the last two decades, but global financial crisis emanating in 2007 has resulted in gradual reduction in growth rate, which in recent years has gone down by 2 to 3 percent causing adverse repercussions on its current account surplus also which in the past had hovered around 10 to 12 percent of GDP, but of …

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Natural disaster management

  Strategies need to be inclusive of forward thinking macro economic policies By now almost all the advanced nations have been at guard to avert disaster caused by natural calamities, but climate change has enhanced the frequency of terrific cyclones, typhoons and tsunami like storms ravaging entire socio-economic life of the effected countries. This has compelled the countries to undertake forward looking strategies to combat ill effects of climate change, …

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Uplifting the deprived masses: Islamic system is a true practice

  Growing inequalities necessitate departure of economic activities from concept of fast growth of GDP to creating happiness for all. Renowned economists ranging from Adam Smith to J. M. Keynes of 19th and 20th centuries and those living in 21st century have no doubt emphasis on economic welfare of the masses, but theories propounded by them are based on assumption like free market economy, free trade aiming for creating trade …

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