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Huge scope of consumer financing exists in house financing

  Interview with Mr Sirajuddin Aziz — CEO & President HabibMetro Bank Country faces shortage of 8-10 million new housing units PROFILE Sirajuddin Aziz is a professionally qualified and experienced banker who has worked for different organizations in Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, UK, Nigeria and UAE. He is currently the President & Chief Executive Officer at HabibMetro Bank. Prior to this, he has served as the Chief Executive Officer of …

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Mutual Funds are high efficient investment vehicles

  Educating people about multiple benefits of investing in mutual funds is crucially important Interview with Mr. Umber Tanya Ansari – Head of Marketing, UBL Fund Managers Profile Umber Tanya Ansari, have her passion to take initiatives and strategies especially to educate the masses and meet ever-increasing challenges faced by Funds Management industry, Prior to her responsibility as the Head of Marketing UBL Fund Managers, Umber was Regional Head of …

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Merger of stock exchange companies into a single entity — the move likely to broaden investment base in Pakistan

  The government has integrated Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE), Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) to form national stock exchange to be called as Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) with a view to improve the capital market outlook for attracting the foreign direct investment and for the economic prosperity of the country. Under the demutualization program of the stock exchange, there is a possibility of direct foreign investment by …

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International Reckoning For Islamic Finance Industry In Pakistan: SBP — globally polled as the best central bank for promoting Islamic finance

  State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) was voted as the best Central Bank for promoting Islamic Finance by a poll conducted by International Finance News, an arm of REDmoney Group, Malaysia. The votes were received from various institutions, practitioners and academicians from all over the world. After the announcement, Deputy Governor, SBP Mr. Saeed Ahmad stated “SBP remains committed in promoting Islamic banking and finance and will continue to play …

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Tax-to-GDP ratio is not an indicator of actual economic strength of Pakistan

  New tax scheme introduced by present government may give a big push to tax regime in Pakistan Tax-to-GDP ratio, which revolves around 10-11 percent does not reflect the actual strength of the economy primarily due to a vast majority of trade and industry avoid documentation on various grounds including chronic issue of corruption, misconception about tax regime due to lack of education and last but not the least the …

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