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High quality bankers can help promote Islamic finance

  Islamic banking has been growing fast to capture 20pc share in the overall banking industry by 2020: Experts Asia is expected to be the key driver in advancing the growth of the Islamic finance industry. Pakistan is among potential leaders of Islamic finance with huge Muslim population of over 180 million. Although, Islamic banking in Pakistan is growing but there is still a lack of Islamic banking professional. There …

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MSCI upgrade to result in about $400-500m in inflows into Pakistan stock market

  Investor outlook remains positive as Pakistan is now in the same rank of rising economies like India, Malaysia and Indonesia Interview with Mr. Asif Baig Mirza – CEO, ABM Securities (Pvt) Ltd ABM Securities (Pvt) Limited is one of the leading Brokerage House of Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. Licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and managed by the team of Mr. Asif Baig Mirza, Chief …

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Foreign remittances remain a major source of earning forex for the country

  After persistent decline in the country’s exports, the foreign remittances are now intend to be a major source of forex earning for the country. Efforts are underway at different levels to produce trained human resource, can serve abroad and earn precious forex for the country. In this regard, TEVTA, NAVTEC and other training institutions are playing lead role. Overseas Pakistani workers remitted $12,714.57 million in the first eight months …

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Viable Islamic banking system – A respite for common man

  Many International Financial Institutions are keen to invest in the field of Islamic banking and finance in Pakistan In the face of growing demand for the Islamic banking products, different International Financial Institutions are showing interest to invest in the field of Islamic Banking and Finance in Pakistan. In the last three decades, a number of new Islamic financial products have been developed primarily by applying Islamic nominate contracts …

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Islamic banking shining bright in Pakistan

  Meezan Bank has now emerged as country’s premier Islamic bank When the present PML-N government took over in 2013, the share of Islamic banking in the country was about 9 percent, which is fast approaching about 13 percent, primarily because of the proactive approach of the Ministry of Finance and the State Bank of Pakistan. Meezan Bank, the recipient of the Shariah Authenticity Award has now emerged as a …

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MCB Privatization — A success story

  Management protects employees’ rights The resilience and hard work of employees of all ranks of MCB Bank Limited have proved that privatization has brought a paradigm shift in services, infrastructure, technology and contribution to national exchequer while increase in number of satisfied customers is also a testimony in this regard, Riafat Khan Jadoon, President MCB staff union said. Millions of households also progressed with the successful privatization of MCB. …

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