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Fast Food Industry: The second most successful trade in Pakistan

  Fast food industry in Pakistan is the second largest market in Pakistan as it accounts for 27 percent of its value‐added production and 16 percent of the total employment in manufacturing sector. Pakistan holds the world’s eighth largest market when it comes to fast food and food related business. Pakistan’s fast food sector is changing significantly with an inclined shift in life styles and traditional eating habits. Fast food …

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New method, technology likely to give an edge to fast food growth

  Interview with Mr Hamid Hussain Qureshi — Chief Executive, Macca Food International Profile Mr Hamid Hussain Qureshi is the eldest son of Dr. S.A. Rahim Qureshi. Hamid did MBA (Marketing & Business Management) from International University of America, San Franciso, USA in 1997. Shortly after completing his education, he joined the family business in export division to give it an impetus and strategic direction. Hamid is currently designated as …

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Rising production of edible oil

  Pakistan edible oil industry has diversified not only as ghee/cooking oil manufacturers but additionally as refiners and seed crushers. The major oilseed crops grown in Pakistan include canola, sunflower, rapeseed/mustard and cotton. Pakistan also grows sesame and groundnuts but their production is very limited as the cost is too high to yield competitively-priced oils. IMPORTS PAYMENTS BY SOYABEAN & PALM OIL (Thousand US $) DETAIL JUL-15 AUG-15 SEP-15 OCT-15 …

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Pakistan 4th largest producer of quality rice

  Iran is expected to be a big buyer of Pakistani rice after lifting of sanctions Interview with Zulfikar Thaver – President UNISAME Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of rice following China, India, Indonesia. Rice is the major export product of Pakistan following wheat, cotton. It export earns about 13 percent of the country’s foreign exchange making it the second most important source of foreign exchange following cotton. Total …

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Fast Food industry in Pakistan undergoing an escalated boom

  Pakistan’s fast food industry is undergoing an escalated boom and despite fierce competition, the industry has managed to generate profitability. Statistics show that fast food industry is the second largest in Pakistan, with approximately 180 million consumers. Not only that, but this sector also accounts for around 20 percent of the total employment in manufacturing sector. An industry with such dynamics has a great probability of exceptional growth in …

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