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Microtech presents comprehensive solutions to energy consumers

  Established in 1992, MicroTech Industries (MTI) has so far developed several telecommunications and power electronic products with in-house R&D facility, which distinguishes it from others. MTI smart metering solutions deliver a range of applications and equipment using an infrastructure comprising networked meters, communication networks and data collection and management systems. An ISO 9001:2000 certified, multi-discipline technology company involved in the design, development and manufacturing of hi-tech products, providing comprehensive …

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Oracle managing the world’s most-challenging IT issues

  It’s a great time for Cloud in Pakistan; firms must see security and capabilities before having a service Interview with Mr Waqas Hashmi – Oracle Country Sales Director for Pakistan & Afghanistan Mr. Waqas Hashmi is a Country Sales Director for Pakistan and Afghanistan at Oracle. In a chit chat, he shed some light on a key technology driver, namely cloud computing, and in particular Cloud Platform services. On …

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Telecom sector – Pakistan’s successful, favorite zone of investment

  Presently Pakistan’s telecom industry investments, counting proceeds from 3G/4G spectrum auction and more contributions from operators in infrastructure, have crossed US$2.67 billion mark. The launch of 3G/4G (mobile broadband services) was a success story as within a short span its commercial launch has become a sensation, broadband subscribers have crossed 26 million and the broadband penetration has gone up from less than 3 percent to over 15 percent. FOREIGN …

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E-commerce trade catching on, has bright future in Pakistan

  The e-commerce industry has a bright future with high growth prospects in Pakistan. The industry is set to flourish at a faster pace if the government takes serious measures to remove barriers hindering its growth and expansion. Presently, customer satisfaction is gradually gaining trust amongst customers. Pakistan needs to place ICT (information and communications technology) on its priority list to keep pace with the advancement in technology and minimize digital …

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Impact of hacking in the ICT industry of Pakistan

  Dependencies of information systems is rapidly growing all over the world. However, security of these systems is very important as we heavily rely on such automated systems. This research identifies the weak areas of such systems specifically in Pakistan. Why is our public sectors website hacking percentage higher? How to mitigate this risk? This research will also show the impact and provide recommendations. This study would be useful for …

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Pakistan’s internet-based businesses likely to grow very quickly, outpace other Asian nations

  ‘Emerging markets, like Pakistan, were my inspiration– not only their viability for business, but their people as well’ Interview with Mr. Paul Philipp Hermann — Co-founder, Managing Director of Lamudi Lamudi has expanded its operations in Asia to Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka before launching its operations in several parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America in October 2013. The company’s Asian operations were subsequently subject to …

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