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Planting Mangroves – An aim to safeguard coastal areas from climate change

  Tsunamis, heat wave, tidal flooding and snowstorm are extreme natural calamities the world is experiencing currently due to climate change. Climate is becoming warmer day by day because of the presence of CO2 emissions in the environment. Pollution, deforestation and industrialization are key factors in increasing global temperature around the world. According to the World Bank data on CO2 emissions from 2011 to 2015, China and Russia have remained …

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Pakistan played an eye catching smart role amidst the muslim world in defusing situation between Iran-Saudi Arabia

  Pakistan and Iran being close neighbors can supplement each other in achieving economic goals Over $10bn trade potential exists between the two nations Interview with Mehdi Sobhani, Consul General of Islamic Republic of Iran Discussing the economic relations between Iran and Pakistan, Mehdi Sobhani said in an interview that sanctions caused a decline of two way trade between Iran and Pakistan from $1 billion to $200 million, but after …

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More winning role of electronic media for building Pakistan’s image

  Rapid development and advancement of electronic media in Pakistan has not only brought a revolution in information and news industry but it has also stirred concerns about the projection of the nation’s image. With both its merits and demerits, media is a double edged sword. It has become an industry of entertainment, information, projection and even leading to some propaganda. It influences and builds opinion on certain issues of …

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Industrial symbiosis — An eco-friendly realm

  How a miraculous eco-transformation came into existence in China? This is a frequently asked question. In fact China promoted industrial development through the concept of eco-friendly industrial symbiosis. In symbiotic industrial collaboration there is a physical exchange of materials and by-products, as well as shared management of infrastructure for water, energy and waste. To achieve industrial symbiosis China has implemented Eco-Industrial Park (EIP) initiatives as a mainstream strategy of …

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TRIPDA – Economical, eco-friendly carpooling facility for intercity traveling

  Pakistan is a country with immense potential, but unfortunately it is faced with numerous big challenges on the economic and social front. Due to an under-developed infrastructure of roads and a weak transport network, people wishing to travel domestically, from one city to another, having many difficulties in getting access to a transportation-mode that is safe, punctual and low-cost. Recognizing this need for convenient and efficient inter-city travel, Tripda …

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