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Mobile banking – banking for all

  In Pakistan, foreign banks initiated in mid 1990 the concept of electronic banking practices. Domestic banks also adopted the technology and E-banking services like ATM cards and debit cards in late 90s were introduced. The swift improvement in electronic distribution channels has produced tremendous changes in the financial industry, especially with a rising rate of change in technology. The developments happen in information and communication technology are escalating competition …

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Growing network of ATM rejuvenated the banking industry

  During the second quarter of current fiscal year, the network of ATMs continued to grow reaching from 10,099 to 10,736 and additionally 5,689 POS machines were added to the network, showing a growth of 12.82 percent compared to first quarter of fiscal year 2016. Number of cards, issued by the banks, increased by 16.27 percent and it reached a total of 33 million by the end of the quarter. …

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