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McDonald’s has unique system of offering best fast food

  Serving approximately 68 million customers globally, McDonald’s is the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants with over 30,000 outlets worldwide. McDonald’s has some phenomenal systems in place, developed and proven by the input of billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of man-hours worth of research. In 1980s, various firms enlarged into global operations by franchise mode of business. Though these firms wanted to stick to their …

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Wal-Mart in Pakistan: An impetus to fast emerging retail business

  Country presents huge opportunities in areas of organized retail format Since the modernization of global retail industry in 1990s, the international chains are exploring opportunities in turning this most impressive economic component of modern business cycle, a key participant of retail sector. The retail industry is a sector of the economy that is comprised of individuals and companies engaged in the selling of finished products to end user consumers. …

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