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Climatic conditions, location ideal for solar power projects

  Solar power can meet wholly the world demand of electricity. It has the capability to provide several times the country’s energy demand. The world’s covered desert area of 40 percent can supply all of universe the electricity enough of a need. Even the Gobi Desert could supply electricity to world. It has a discontinuous production of supplying electricity and is generally kept by storage or another energy source with …

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Natural disaster management

  Strategies need to be inclusive of forward thinking macro economic policies By now almost all the advanced nations have been at guard to avert disaster caused by natural calamities, but climate change has enhanced the frequency of terrific cyclones, typhoons and tsunami like storms ravaging entire socio-economic life of the effected countries. This has compelled the countries to undertake forward looking strategies to combat ill effects of climate change, …

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Gloomy picture of tourism in Balochistan

  By virtue of its natural treasure trove, captivating scenery, significant sites of multifold importance, variety of flora and fauna, diversity of climates and unique geology, Balochistan possess huge potentials for development of tourism. Unfortunately, no efforts were made to develop tourism industry in the province at official level, since the very outset. The decision-makers in Islamabad, tried to keep Balochistan a “dark region” denying its natural endowments. Hence, the …

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Planting Mangroves – An aim to safeguard coastal areas from climate change

  Tsunamis, heat wave, tidal flooding and snowstorm are extreme natural calamities the world is experiencing currently due to climate change. Climate is becoming warmer day by day because of the presence of CO2 emissions in the environment. Pollution, deforestation and industrialization are key factors in increasing global temperature around the world. According to the World Bank data on CO2 emissions from 2011 to 2015, China and Russia have remained …

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