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Performance of corporate sector 2012

  Pakistan faces new challenges and opportunities every day. Reduced availability of financing for capital investment, unsafe working environment, law and order situation, continuous devaluation of rupee against other currencies, lack of gas and electricity and constant pressure for reviving the economy are just a few. Corporate sector vulnerabilities and poor governance in general are frequently being identified as important contributors to the Pakistan’s current financial crisis. Despite all this, …

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Corporate charity: sense of guilt or what?

  There is something sure sinister about the corporate charity. ‘Give away a few millions out of the billions earned unscrupulously’ is the common refrain. Why do the corporations and the corporate bosses value charity so dearly? It’s a question deeply rooted in psychology than economics. Some may say that charities are tax deductible and therefore offer a way to the giver to attract public attention for a small price. …

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Externality: The Corporate Alibi

  Like mathematics, economics has proved to be a ruthless subject. It has not only written its own rules of the game but has also trespassed on alien territories with poise and authority. It made the world believe that the level of material well-being was the only yardstick with which to measure the status and stature of nations. Economics was genetically more close to knowledge than faith. It dominated almost …

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Does the world need a fresh ‘new deal?’

  Modern world’s financial mercenary, the corporate sector, has a history of sweeping aside every obstacle that hindered its way to the most “pious” goal of profit maximization. Historically, the so-called free market neither encouraged free competition nor did muster tolerance for government control over business. Free market always meant giving a “free hand” to big money to crush small money. Capitalism, now frequently described as American capitalism to highlight …

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CSR a mission or a ritual?

  Many corporate entities boost that they do a lot under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but the overall plight of industrial workers clearly suggest that a lot more needs to be done. It is also observed that many of the activities that the corporate should be performing as ‘duty’ as often clubbed under CSR. A little is being done to minimize emission of toxic gases and effluents. If a few …

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