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High cost of doing business in Pakistan

  Presently, the cost of operating a business in Pakistan is considerably high because of incompetent and unfriendly socio-economic environment. Consequently, Pakistani businesses are at a comparative demerit in regards of operating costs against their competitors in the region. In spite of continuous representations to the government strategy adepts and top executives, no worthwhile attempt has been made towards declining the high cost of doing business in the country. The …

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Education: The money minting game

  Gone are the days when imparting education was considered an Ibadat, now it is a billion dollar industry in Pakistan. While many complaint about high cost of education, they actually support those who rip them in the name of education. Be it a small school, a chain of schools or private university the sole motive is money minting. It may not be out of context to say many of …

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Higher education cost is prohibitively higher

  Though, many generation have passed away Pakistan continue to suffer from the legacy of British Raj, which never encouraged people from their colonies to get education. It was taken very conveniently as an extension of cast system followed in Indian subcontinent for centuries. Ideally, the education system in Pakistan should have changed after independence but it seems British Raj has been replaced by the local feudal system. One factor …

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Self-sufficiency in low-cost bike production

  Pakistan has achieved self-sufficiency in bike production and it can become a major exporter to at least developing countries due to this low-cost two-wheeler production. What is actually needed is the official patronage of local producers in terms of incentives and facilities in order to boost bike exports from Pakistan. In 2010, a record 1.8 million motorcycles were manufactured in the country. Its production is still on the rise. …

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Pakistan has high electricity tariff than regional peers

  The tariff charged to consumers here is based on generation mix, structure and transmission cost and distribution losses suffered by each utility and the government firmly admitted that electricity charges in the country were higher than what consumers pay in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Costly furnace oil led to a significant increase in power tariff. The price of furnace, which was Rs20,604 per metric ton in 2006-07, increased …

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Cost diminution by DMAIC, DOE implementation in white goods sector

  Abstract: Quality cost has greater impact on the productivity and profit margin of the organizations. In Pakistan economy, manufacturing sector has less revenue due to no or minimal implementation of lean manufacturing and six sigma methodology. White goods sector is gaining its market popularity due to increasing demand and business opportunity. Nowadays, organizations are facing both external and internal quality cost. External cost means warranty claims and customer dissatisfaction. …

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