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Education: the best tool for CSR

  When it comes to troubles in Pakistan, probably the root cause of it all is education. Pakistan has a population of 180 million people with a median age of 21.5 years for both male and female. Based on literacy, which is defined as those who have attained the age of 15 and can read and write is estimated at 49.9 percent with male literacy at 70 percent and female …

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CSR: Commitment Or Ritual

  The word CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) seems to have become a talking point in Pakistan’s corporate sector. The members of Board of Directors and senior management often include many items in CSR, which hardly have any relevance with the community they work with of the people employed in the entities. While huge sums are being allocated and spent under CSR, the trickledown effect is often not visible. In this …

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CSR: A prerequisite for good governance

  Ben Packard, the vice president of Starbucks Coffee Company, once said: ‘on the journey to make our iconic coffee cups 100% recyclable, we quickly learned that developing recyclable material is just one part of the complex equation. We had to consider the entire lifespan of the cup, including what happens after it leaves our customers’ hands. This required bringing together the entire system of stakeholders with expertise, the influence …

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CSR a mission or a ritual?

  Many corporate entities boost that they do a lot under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but the overall plight of industrial workers clearly suggest that a lot more needs to be done. It is also observed that many of the activities that the corporate should be performing as ‘duty’ as often clubbed under CSR. A little is being done to minimize emission of toxic gases and effluents. If a few …

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Empowering of women a necessity to streamline csr activities in Pakistan

  Interview with Mr Abrar Hasan – CEO, National Foods Limited Profile Mr Abrar Hasan has been with National Foods since 1993 where having worked in different areas of the organization, he was appointed as Chief Executive by the Board of Directors in the year 2000. Prior to joining NFL, he was Plant Director at Precision Rubber Products Limited, where his responsibility was to overview all the manufacturing operations. Moreover, …

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Pakistani firms must put csr in practice to help reduce poverty

  There have been certain important organizations that have taken the lead and they must be lauded for their efforts to a certain extent in reducing poverty in an attempt of doing Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) in Pakistan, but many firms in a country still lacking CSR practices. The international market is adopting newer and innovative ways for the wellbeing of the poverty stricken people. It is obligatory that the …

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