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Importance of Islamic finance education

  Profile: Chief Executive Officer – AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics (www.alhudacibe.com) Chief Executive Officer – Islamic Microfinance Network (www.imfn.org) Chief Executive Officer – Halal Research Council (www.halarc.org) Papers presented at International conferences: South Africa, Afghanistan, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, China, U.A.E, Turkey, Russia, Jordan snf Yemen.   Islamic banking and finance Islam is not only a religion in the ordinary sense of the word, but a complete system …

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Rampant commercialism in educational system

  In Pakistan education is particularly for those who can pay millions of rupees in a year and who can have enough money for high quality tuition facility otherwise. Schools prefer those parents’ children who can afford exorbitant fees like extra-curricular fees, sports fees and a sufficient amount in the bank account. Poor talented students of our beloved country have no basic facilities and are obliged to work as a …

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Commercialism eroding welfare factor in education and health

  The growing commercialized trends in health and education sectors have enhanced profitability at the expense of welfare of the people in Pakistan. Schools and hospitals have now turned somewhat into firms and companies, which all the time remain engaged in improving their financial profile. What is actually missing is the ‘welfare’ from these welfare institutions. Commoditization of education Friendly and peaceful environment, standard educational facilities, high-tech computing services, institutional …

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Dow university taking leading role in medical education

  No doubt, without education it is complete darkness and with education it is light. Education is a matter of life and death to our nation. The world is currently moving so fast that if you do not educate yourselves you would be not only totally left behind, but would be finished up. Currently the Government of Pakistan is making all attempts to modernize medical education in Pakistan. Revolutionary alters …

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Punjab keeps dominance in quality education

  No doubt, literacy rate is one of the significant indicators of education as its development is probable to have a long run impact on other significant indicators of nationwide welfare. Punjab, Pakistan’s greatest province, has taken various education reform measures to enhance outcomes. However, about a quarter of school age children are still not attending school either because they never enrolled or because they dropped out early. Low transition …

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Lahore knowledge park envision Pakistan a future nodal point of South Asia

  Park will play an important role for the promotion of information technology, high quality education and research With the objective to develop and create linkages and synergy between academia and the corporate world in areas that feed into the global knowledge industry, the PML-N led Punjab government is setting up the Lahore Knowledge Park (LKP). As per vision of the Chief Minister Punjab, the Lahore Knowledge Park is envisaged …

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