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Electronic banking: scope and prospects

  Pakistan’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector has witnessed tremendous growth during the last 15 years or so. Banking sector, though for the wrong reasons, has managed to keep pace with the ICT sector’s fast-paced growth. The abolition of fractional reserve system in 1971 and the post-crisis ‘Quantitative Easing’ have generated a spate of US dollars. These dollars, traveling on the vehicle of foreign trade, have infused the entire global …

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Influence of electronic media on the education sector in Pakistan

  In the world which is currently experiencing globalization, several domains are no longer what they used to be. The role of the media in particular has widened with it having an influence on a number of domains, education being one of them. Electronic media and social media and networking in particular have changed the way in which traditional classrooms operate because of alternative approaches to learning now spreading like …

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More winning role of electronic media for building Pakistan’s image

  Rapid development and advancement of electronic media in Pakistan has not only brought a revolution in information and news industry but it has also stirred concerns about the projection of the nation’s image. With both its merits and demerits, media is a double edged sword. It has become an industry of entertainment, information, projection and even leading to some propaganda. It influences and builds opinion on certain issues of …

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