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Shrimp farming on modern lines in Balochistan

  Balochistan makes up 70 percent of Pakistan’s total coastal line. Unfortunately, the province has been confined to merely on-shore water fishing due to lack of infrastructure facilities. The catch is spoiled as it is exposed to sun and impurities. In the absence of quality control regime, fresh and good quality fish find no access to national and international markets at large scales. Local fishermen are confronted with numerous problems. …

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Balochistan: an ultimate land for shrimp farming, growth prospect

  Shrimp is considered as the No.1 favorite seafood in many Western countries including USA. The demand for quality shrimp worldwide is growing each year. Depletion of natural shrimp stocks in the wild is occurring rapidly. Shrimp farming in the world has grown into a multi billion-dollar giant, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and much-needed foreign exchange in many countries. Owing to the technological advancement and new techniques as …

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