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Large scale import of tea causing drain on foreign exchange

  Tea was discovered around 5,000 years back and is considered to be the oldest prepared beverage. The tea plant originated from South East China and slowly spread to Indo-Pak subcontinent, Sri Lanka and further into tropical and sub tropical countries. Tea is available in black, green, yellow and in white colors. The tea tree, under raw conditions, can reach up to 10 to 15 meters. Tea trees are grown …

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Foreign exchange market review: UK takes dominant role in global financial activities

  The foreign exchange market is a place where foreign money bought and sold. The buyers and sellers have claim on foreign money and the intermediaries together constitute a foreign exchange market. It is a market for a national currency (foreign money) anywhere in the world, as the financial centers of the world are united in a single market. The foreign exchange market is a large trade center for currencies. …

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