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Pakistan can fetch substantial forex through export of services

  Boundaries between services and industry are changing fast, and about half of all services in modern industrialized economies are sold and bought while embedded in the form of goods. While the content and function of goods remain important, the designing, marketing, consultancy and advertising services claim a share of the value added to goods. Manufacturing, too, has important contribution from services, such as resource planning, warehousing, value chain analysis, …

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Auto industry possesses vast potential to fetch forex

  Import of used cars not bring in any investment While the auto industry has proved to be the engine of growth for any nation, in recent history, countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Brazil have wholeheartedly supported their automobile industries and continuously making thrive. Presently there are three areas of support. Firstly, these countries have ensured 100 per cent access of domestic market to local …

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How to use the Fibonacci retracement in forex trading

  The Fibonacci retracement is considered a predictive technical indicator that can help investors gauge future levels of a currency pair after a sharp increase or decrease in price. More specifically, plotting the lines of the Fibonacci retracement on a chart can help traders find points of support and resistance on which to place stop-loss and take-profit orders. The Fibonacci retracement is popular among forex traders, and when used in …

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How to use moving averages in forex trading

  When looking directly into the real-time movements of a forex chart, traders can sometimes lose perspective of the bigger picture of what is going on in the forex market. For example, a price movement may appear significant when compared to the current price levels of a currency pair, but may in fact be quite small when viewed in the context of the pair’s historical price movements. In order to …

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Foreign remittances remain a major source of earning forex for the country

  After persistent decline in the country’s exports, the foreign remittances are now intend to be a major source of forex earning for the country. Efforts are underway at different levels to produce trained human resource, can serve abroad and earn precious forex for the country. In this regard, TEVTA, NAVTEC and other training institutions are playing lead role. Overseas Pakistani workers remitted $12,714.57 million in the first eight months …

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