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Developing Human Resource

  Some of the Western experts say that the prime reason of Pakistan’s poverty is its huge population. They may have their own reasons to establish their point of view but many local experts completely disagree with this state of mind. Now there is a growing consensus that a population of 200 million people is country’s biggest asset. At present the country has the largest percentage of youth, which is …

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Micro credit sector witnesses a robust growth

  Despite having vast population of young people, the country is not tapping true potential of human resource due to many reasons. Non-availability of adequate credit has been one of the major impediments to the growth of the country’s industrial and agriculture sectors. Pakistan’s financial system currently reaches only a fraction of huge informal sector. Microfinance providers — that segment of the financial services industry focused on the needs of …

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Importance of education to develop human resources in Pakistan

  Pakistan is rich in natural resources. Only the educated, skilled and healthy people can make the best use of the enormous natural resources of the country. The better human capital equipped with education in science and technology can be instrumental in increased productively with modern technology in all economic sectors. This will enhance industrial productivity and increase exportable output of the country. Education is the main tool to develop …

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HRD: An important part of long-term planning

  Pakistan’s human resource community is far behind in their awareness of global requirements and the development of modern technologies to deal with them. It is hard to compete in this modern world economy without having expertise and qualified and well-skilled manpower. Human Resource Development (HRD) plays an important part in the long-term planning for economic development. Many developed and developing countries have put greater importance on Human Resource Development …

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