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India faces challenges to become a dominant country in global trade

  India is the tenth largest economy of the world with GDP growth of 5.3 percent. India has USD 295 billion in reserves on as December 2012. India’s literacy rate is 74 percent which has grown year on year. The country is a major player in the global market when it comes to Trade. The textile, automotive, banking and technology industry is considered the best in the world. Major multinationals, …

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Trade with India

  Pakistan and India offer natural markets for each other’s export products and both countries are pursuing policies of trade liberalization since early 1990s. In their mutual trade, they can enjoy the advantages of reduced transaction costs and quicker delivery due to geographical proximity, common language and a heritage of common physical infrastructures. During the first half of the current fiscal year, the two-way trade stood at USD 1.1 billion …

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Construction of dams by India: lawmakers express serious concern

  Several lawmakers from the treasury and the opposition benches in the National Assembly on Tuesday last expressed concern over construction of dams by India on the waters of Pakistan, they cautioned the government that water issue was even more serious than terrorism and required immediate measures to tackle it. Some of the speakers alleged that India was conspiring to make Pakistan barren. The legislators from both the sides of …

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Normalization of Pak-India trade ties essential for economic boost

  Pakistan is anxious to continue trade with its neighbours especially with India, despite border tensions. The government is committed to increase regional trade with India as part of encouraging peace without compromising on national sovereignty. It would like to trade in energy for import of electricity from India to overcome the energy crisis. The Pakistan government is planning to develop trading land ports at Pakistan’s three neighbouring junction points …

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Tense Pakistan-India relations hampering South Asian economic integration

  Strained ties between India and Pakistan have been a major obstacle to make SAARC an effective platform Pakistan making all-out efforts to increase exports to India Pakistan believes in transforming ties with India under the tense developing relations between both the neighboring countries and as Pakistan is making steady progress towards economic front, taking it a priority of foreign policy, to have good economic relations among South Asian peers. …

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India-Pakistan trade: growth potential, barriers and issues

  Presently, India-Pakistan official bilateral trade accounts for only one percent of their respective global trade because of restrictions on the types of goods that can be traded revenue and will be the future takings of economic progress of both the countries. This restriction on traded goods has forced both countries to rely on trade with far off countries for important raw materials, which is leading to high transportation costs. …

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