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Iran’s nuclear deal not helpful for Pakistan gas pipeline

  Iran and a group of 6-states led through the US reached a historic agreement on July 14, 2015 considerably limit Tehran’s nuclear ability for greater than a decade in return for lifting global oil and monetary sanctions. The agreement culminates 20-month of negotiations on a deal that US President B. Obama had long sought as the greatest diplomatic attainment of his government. Whether it portends a fresh relationship between …

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Iran’s nuclear deal to benefit Pakistan macros

  Lifting of sanctions to formalize $3-4 billion informal trade between Pakistan and Iran The historic deal between Iran and P5+1 promises an end to multiplier sanctions imposed by USA, UN and EU since the start of Iran’s nuclear program, likely to bring manifold impact on Pakistan’s overall economy. This historic development, which is most important for Pakistan and other countries in the region will have a positive impact on …

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Pakistan played an eye catching smart role amidst the muslim world in defusing situation between Iran-Saudi Arabia

  Pakistan and Iran being close neighbors can supplement each other in achieving economic goals Over $10bn trade potential exists between the two nations Interview with Mehdi Sobhani, Consul General of Islamic Republic of Iran Discussing the economic relations between Iran and Pakistan, Mehdi Sobhani said in an interview that sanctions caused a decline of two way trade between Iran and Pakistan from $1 billion to $200 million, but after …

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Influx of Iranian cement likely to challenge the survival of local industry

  APCMA seeks abolition of Gas Infrastructure Development Cess Interview with Mr. Muhammad Ali Tabba – Chairman, APCMA All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) is the apex body of the cement manufacturers of Pakistan. It is registered body under section 3 of the Trade Organization Ordinance 2007 wide license No. 14, dated April 26, 2008 issued by Ministry of Commence. It was incorporated on 14th of September 1992 under section …

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Import of electricity from Iran best option to overcome Balochistan’s misery

  Balochistan’s total power demand approximately stands at 1200 megawatts, which is less than half of the requirement of Karachi. It is because of the fact that the province has no sound industrial base; hence there is no significant consumption of electricity for industrial purpose in the province. The power consumption is largely for domestic purpose. Being the least populous province, it consumes the least power, as compared to other …

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