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Livestock a mainstay of Balochistan’s economy running at a loss

  Being a pastoral economy Balochistan is yet to exploit its tremendous potential in livestock sector. Animals are traditionally kept for meeting household milk and meat needs. Livestock development is linked with poverty alleviation in the province, as its 70 percent population is directly or indirectly involved in livestock rearing activities. The province is rich in livestock resources contributing about 40 percent of Pakistan’s total livestock population. The main consumers …

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Livestock & crop insurance — An effective tool to avert flood losses

  The flood and the deluge has caused heavy losses in the form of human life, crop, livestock, property and infrastructure, which are preliminary estimated at US$200 million, however, exact number of losses would be quantifiable when the process of restoration will start specially in Punjab. However, the flood ravages this year are much less compared to the flood devastations, which had cost over US$10.1 billion in 2010. It is …

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Agriculture, livestock contributing GDP growth

  In Pakistan, the key objective of agriculture sector is to ensure proper production and availability of food for the citizens and also offers livelihoods to people directly involved in the sector along with the value adding chain. The achievement of sustainable progress in agriculture sector (contributes over 22 percent to GDP) completes macroeconomic objectives by its forward and backward linkages with the other sectors. Pakistan agriculture and food security …

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Vast opportunities of export, investment exists in livestock

  Livestock is a vital sub-sector of agriculture in Pakistan as promoting dairy, meat and poultry business in this sector is more beneficial for the economic development of the country. Livestock contributed approximately 55.1 percent to the agriculture value added and 11.6 percent to the national GDP during 2010-12. Gross Value Added of the livestock sector at constant factor cost increased from Rs672 billion (2010-11) to Rs700 billion (2011-12) showing …

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Islamic agricultural finance — An ideal product for the development of rural economy

  The agriculture sector lacks financial resources, due to which small-scale farmers are facing a lot of problems, consequently affecting the agriculture and livestock sector. But in Muslim countries including Pakistan, the primary reason behind the lack of financial inclusion in the agricultural sector is unavailability of such financial products that are in correlation with the religious and social belief of the Muslims and if we want to promote agriculture …

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