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Is balance of payment crisis easing?

  After the extension of US$1.5 billion loan by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan’s balance of payment crisis seems to have eased, at least for the time being. However, concerted efforts have to be made to boost exports to reduce heavy dependence of remittances. There is also need to create conducive environment for the inflow of direct investment. While there are expectations that after the grant of GSP Plus status to Pakistan …

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Microfinance: A non-transient opportunity to assist millions

  Microfinance involves loans which are given to those who would not qualify for conventional bank loans. The loans extended could be as low as PKR 10,000 to assist basic needs and small business startups. The idea for microfinance is to alleviate poverty to focus on economic development. With the risky profile of the borrower, loans carry high degree of risk. Collateral is ascertained primarily through estimates. The repayment is …

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Banking sector review

  The banking sector through CY13 faced tough challenges with external factors including law and order situation, political uncertainty, strikes causing closure of bank branches in distressed areas to name a few. State Bank of Pakistan require banks to have minimum capital of PKR 10 billion by December 2014, which will be a challenge for banks below the required threshold forcing another round of mergers and acquisitions. The CAR for …

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Consumer financing gaining strength

  A kind of service, providing persons with the needed finance to make personal purchases varying from buying a car to a house is identified as consumer financing. It is arranged into different types of products. Personal loans are provided for the payment of goods, services and expenses and comprise running finance and revolving credit to individuals. The idea of consumer financing is to provide consumers with financing support to …

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