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The vital ways of attracting foreign investment

  Infrastructure development and logistics is one of the vital ways through which any country can attract foreign investment and help achieve sustainable development for the growth of an economy. Considering the case of Pakistan, the focus on infrastructure while given importance isn’t always the most important aspect to consider since there are other issues the country has to deal with. There are the political sit-ins in the country, which …

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Transport and logistics vital for growth of Pakistan trade

  Interview with Sayyid Mansoob Hasan, An analyst PAGE: Tell me something about yourself, please: Sayyid Mansoob Hasan: I have over 23 years of experience. I have worked with non-banking financial industry at senior positions like CFO, HIA and Director. Since 1995, I am engaged in Public Practice as a Cost & Management Accountant and Management Consultant. My firm MANSOOB & CO. is providing solutions to business problems of the …

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Logistics and infrastructure capacity – the backbone of economic development

  An efficient and cost-effective logistics and infrastructure system not only generates economies of scale, but also creates a favorable global image of an economy. And a favorable image means more global linkages, more international business and more foreign direct investment. On domestic side too, sound logistics and infrastructure mean enhanced mobility of goods and services, which is so important for the marketing system to operate efficiently. Logistics and infrastructure …

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Obstacles faced by the logistics industry

  Pakistan being primarily an import-based country and is highly reliant on logistics to move goods from one part of the country to another. There are many companies from multinationals to private limited to general contractors who are involved in the logistics industry. It is estimated that value of Pakistan’s logistics sector includes transportation and warehousing is US$530 million. Almost 91 percent of transportation is done through road. The biggest …

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