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Natural disaster management

  Strategies need to be inclusive of forward thinking macro economic policies By now almost all the advanced nations have been at guard to avert disaster caused by natural calamities, but climate change has enhanced the frequency of terrific cyclones, typhoons and tsunami like storms ravaging entire socio-economic life of the effected countries. This has compelled the countries to undertake forward looking strategies to combat ill effects of climate change, …

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The limelight of Islamic funds management and growth

  Islamic funds have actually provided a window to a number of individuals, who were previously reluctant to invest because of their religious beliefs. In adherence with principles of Shariah compliance these funds and their usage play key role in the global economy, covering the financial needs of the currently underserved Muslim population. Unfortunately, this Islamic financing are facing numerous challenges for its growth in the country and still at …

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Karachi the engine of growth but has poor infrastructure and management

  Karachi is the financial capital of Pakistan with most businesses, banks, various companies in the financial sector calling Karachi home. Being the business hub for Pakistan, it is estimated that at least 50,000 people a month travel to Karachi from various small towns and cities seeking jobs. Karachi is also the epic centre for various construction activities both commercial and residential. Karachi accounts for 54 per cent of the …

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Importance of effectual debt management

Public debt mounts to Rs 18.9 trillion Effective debt management is necessary for developing a feasible and stable debt portfolio. It mitigates the risks of refinancing, exchange rate fluctuations and debt accumulation that could impede economic growth and stability. Prudent utilization of debt leads to high economic growth and assists the government to accomplish its social and developmental goals. DEBT POSITION IN PAKISTAN (Rs. in billion) Year Public debt Domestic …

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Equity investment: why & how?

  Interview with Umber Tanya Ansari — Head of Marketing & Distribution, UBL Fund Managers Ltd Profile Umber Tanya Ansari has been gaining experience in the asset management industry since 2008, and holds a Degree in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. She began her career in advertising at Interflow Communications Limited, handling categories of notable brands such as Pepsi, UBL, PSO, and BMA. Thereafter, she was recruited …

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