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PEMRA smoothing the process of fair, free media

  In a world influenced through cyber-space and satellite and cyber-space technology, e-media has a very important and vital role to play in shaping the destiny and life of states. The visual media, particularly television, has a stupendous, impact upon moulding human views and minds. In the given situation the e-media has an burdensome accountability in addressing the socio-economic issues of societies and disseminating un-baised knowledge. This accountability can be …

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Influence of electronic media on the education sector in Pakistan

  In the world which is currently experiencing globalization, several domains are no longer what they used to be. The role of the media in particular has widened with it having an influence on a number of domains, education being one of them. Electronic media and social media and networking in particular have changed the way in which traditional classrooms operate because of alternative approaches to learning now spreading like …

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Media maturity — A function of country’s economic development

  It’s worth trying to determine Pakistan’s development stage in terms of Rostow’s five stages of economic growth that is: traditional society, preconditions or preparatory stage, take-off stage, drive to maturity, and mass consumption. The trouble is with Rostow’s failure to take into account government policies and economic reversals resulting from mismanagement and administrative corruptions. For example, the preparatory stage decrees development of certain economic and social infrastructure like ports, …

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Media’s positive effect on children

  Media can have a positive effect on our children, especially if parents get involved themselves when their children are using them. It is difficult to choose the good from the bad when it comes to media. Apart from good messages there are several negative messages about media. This depends upon how viewing and interacting with it might harm children. Research shows that children can benefit from media. The benefits …

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More winning role of electronic media for building Pakistan’s image

  Rapid development and advancement of electronic media in Pakistan has not only brought a revolution in information and news industry but it has also stirred concerns about the projection of the nation’s image. With both its merits and demerits, media is a double edged sword. It has become an industry of entertainment, information, projection and even leading to some propaganda. It influences and builds opinion on certain issues of …

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