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Iran’s nuclear deal not helpful for Pakistan gas pipeline

  Iran and a group of 6-states led through the US reached a historic agreement on July 14, 2015 considerably limit Tehran’s nuclear ability for greater than a decade in return for lifting global oil and monetary sanctions. The agreement culminates 20-month of negotiations on a deal that US President B. Obama had long sought as the greatest diplomatic attainment of his government. Whether it portends a fresh relationship between …

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Iran’s nuclear deal to benefit Pakistan macros

  Lifting of sanctions to formalize $3-4 billion informal trade between Pakistan and Iran The historic deal between Iran and P5+1 promises an end to multiplier sanctions imposed by USA, UN and EU since the start of Iran’s nuclear program, likely to bring manifold impact on Pakistan’s overall economy. This historic development, which is most important for Pakistan and other countries in the region will have a positive impact on …

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Chinese investment in nuclear power plants K2 & K3 to add 2200mw to national grid

  Nuclear power is the greenest option, say top scientists Over 35 percent of the total energy produced in Pakistan is generated through oil-fired system, which is the most expensive mode of power generation in terms of money while emitting carbon dioxide to damage the environment means that we are burning our candle from both ends. On one hand we are spending over $16 billion on import of oil for …

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Nuclear power key to economic woes of Pakistan

  Over 60 percent of export earnings go on oil imports Economy always threatened by ever-rising circular debt Whatever the economic status of Pakistan may be the fact remains that the economy is heavily suffered because of centuries old power generation mechanism based on oil-fired system impairing its export benefits as more than 60 percent of export receipt had to spend on import of oil leaving a little for socio-economic …

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