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Pakistan Day & National Integration

  Each year, we enthusiastically celebrate the 23rd of March to commemorate the most outstanding achievement of the Muslims of the subcontinent who passed the historic Pakistan Resolution on this day at Iqbal Park in Lahore in 1940. The resolution crystal-clearly presented an independent and sovereign federal state for the Muslims of the subcontinent in which the constituent units or provinces would enjoy greater autonomy. The historic Pakistan resolution presented …

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The history and significance of Pakistan Day

  The Lahore resolution which is more commonly known as the Pakistan resolution was a political statement, which the Muslim League adopted back in 1940. The three-day session took place between March 22-24 was held to call for Muslim autonomy within British India. The resolution was presented by A. K. Fazlul Huq and was interpreted to be a demand by the Muslim League for a separate nation for the Muslims …

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