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Public Private Partnership

  Many of the policy planners have the consensus is that the time has come for public-private partnership. It is on record that many of the state owned enterprises (SoEs) have been working very efficiently. It is also known that in some of the businesses, private sector is rather shy to invest because of: 1) huge capital outlay, 2) long gestation period, 3) lower return during the early years and …

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New aviation policy encourages public-private partnership

  The introduction of the new National Aviation Policy is timely considering the fact that Pakistan has a negative growth of its aviation industry. In contrast to other countries in the region, aviation sector’s contribution in Pakistan was below 0.01 percent. Countries like India, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand aviation sector’s contribution ranged between 1.5 percent and 9.0 percent while only 8 percent of the 180 million population of Pakistan have …

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