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Oil price collapse – event of the year 2014 have multiplier effects on developing economies including Pakistan

  The steel fall of international oil prices have a combined effect both on the oil based economies as well as on the developing economies but in different directions. The oil price situation has developed an interesting situation similar to what it happens even in the province of Sindh before the arrival of Monsoon season as the date farmers pray for late start of the rainy season as the rain …

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Historic oil fall: Pakistan’s petroleum products set to decline

  Presently Brent oil sank to $36.05 a barrel — its weakest since July 2004 — before recovering slightly to $36.56. A worldwide oversupply has dramatically driven down the oil price, with suppliers declining to reach deals to address the glut. Just 18-month ago, in June last year, the price of oil was traded at $115 per barrel. The price of US crude was also recorded down this week, dropping …

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Rising property prices push influx of slums

  Slums continue to increase in Pakistan’s major cities and towns as the property prices keep going up and there is no check hence major townships in the country have been converting into the slums home, to say precisely. It is unaffordable for common man to buy a property for his residence and if one resorts to banks for loan, the mark up on such loans is so high that …

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Expansion of slum areas and high property prices

  A major reason behind the rapid growth and expansion of slums around major cities in Pakistan is the skyrocketing prices of real estate. It is unaffordable for common man to buy a property for his residence. If one resorts to banks for loan, the mark-up on such loans is so high that he/she finds it almost impossible to payback the borrowed money. This dismal situation is promoting and encouraging …

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Falling oil prices: who are the winners and losers?

  Almost 40 percent of the world oil supply and price is controlled by the largest cartel in the world i.e. OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries). Being an export commodity, GDP of exporting nations is defined through the price of oil, subsequently budgets and expeditions are finalized. It is in vested interest of OPEC nations to keep oil prices high. There have been numerous instances where OPEC has …

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Falling oil prices not just a economic blessing

  Pakistan uses more than dollar 15 billion for very nearly 35 percent of its imports on oil. Trade deficit have the negative effect on the economy. The Economic Monitoring Committee and State Bank of Pakistan have completely failed to decrease import volume of the country. In 2014, total commodity imports were $41.69 billion against exports of $25.15 billion, meaning a trade deficit in commodities of $16.64 billion compared with …

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