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Pakistan Steel Mills — Past and Present

  Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) is the largest corporate entity owned by the government with production capacity of 5 million tons. Privatization of PSM was initiated under the reign of former prime minister Shaukat Aziz, which was met with controversy. The Supreme Court held the privatization effort as defined process and procedures were not followed. Sale of the country’s largest industrial unit went down the drain whereas the matter was …

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No way out for PSM revival but to be privately owned

  The future of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) remain undecided as the situation seems not willing to revamp industry, which was build and become much stronger for economic development of a country. PSM is one of several firms Pakistan put up for sale to revive loss-making entities that cost the government $5 billion a year. There are no successful plans observed to set this national institution on the revival path. …

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