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Insurance growth and prospect in Balochistan

  Insurance business generally grows on risk perception in a society. Larger the risk level, higher the growth of insurance industry. The risk perception — risks to life, assets and public and private properties — has been higher and widely prevalent in Balochistan where the incidents of target killings and attacks on public and private properties have witnessed a phenomenal growth over the past five years. The reason is the …

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Big Data: big risk, big return

  How ‘big’ is Big Data? This question is often confronted with a flurry of statistics. One out of every 3 people on earth has access to mobile internet. One out of every 5 has an active Facebook account. By 2020, the amount of data generated by the world will be 44 times the data generated in 2009. Clearly, there is no debate about the volume of data we are …

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