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Declining rupee value may affect GDP growth rate

  The next Monetary Policy is to be announced by the State Bank of Pakistan on September 13, 2013 which is likely to decide the future course of policy rate in the days to come, keeping in view the rate of inflation as the tightening or softening of the monetary policy is usually linked with the ups and down of the inflation rate. If this theory is taken into consideration …

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Deteriorating health of Pakistani rupee

  The rupee is presently being traded at around Rs104 to a dollar in the open market and at around Rs101 in the interbank market. The country’s falling foreign exchange reserves and current account deficit continues to widen keeping the rupee under pressure. Since inception of new government in June, the rupee has witnessed a rapid devaluation of about 2.4 percent. It means within two months. Though International Monetary Fund …

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Depreciating rupee fueling inflation

  There is no doubt that Pakistan suffers from cost pushed inflation. Any hike in the global prices of crude oil, crude-based raw materials and edible oil push inflation. The impact becomes even more pinching when Pak Rupee faces erosion in value against other major currencies. At present Rupee value is on the decline due to erosion of Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves. Though, the central bank has been intervening regularly …

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Rupee, Dollar and Gold

  Stable foreign currency exchange rate and foreign currency reserves are one of the critical aspects for Pakistan’s ability to engage in commerce with other countries. Volatility in the exchange rate is increasingly being recognized as a concern for Pakistan’s economy. The Pak rupee has depreciated significantly against the US dollar marking a new risk for Pakistan’s economy. After maintaining a range bound movement from 2009 to 2011, the rupee …

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Economic impact of stronger rupee against the dollar

  Pakistan has been witnessing devaluation year after year ever since one can remember. People in general longed to see a stronger rupee. Depreciation was resulting in constant increase in price pushing more people below the poverty line. Currently the Rupee is trading between PKR98. No one can say for sure where the exchange rate will be in the future. Some predict devaluation to previous levels other claim another round …

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