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National savings giving banks a run for their money

  The history of National Savings Organization dates back to the year 1873 when the Government Savings Bank Act, 1873 was promulgated. During the First World War, the British Government introduced several schemes for collection of funds to meet the expenditure. It was in this context that the Post Office Cash Certificates and during the Second World War, Post Office Defense Savings Certificates were floated. The need to setup a …

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Analyzing investment avenues

  At a time when inflation is at its highest and cost of living is squeezing the pocket month-on-month, savings need to be placed to ensure that additional income can offset high cost of living. Investments by individuals depend on the knowledge of investment avenues. The simplest investment is keeping money in a savings account where more complex invest structures include mutual funds, equity and money market investments. The stock …

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It’s all about consumption!

  Capitalism thrives on perpetual increase in consumption. It doesn’t much encourage savings on the one hand and advocates debt-based investment on the other. Leveraged investment generates comparatively rapid but high-cost and unsustainable growth. Investment funded by savings results in low-cost, sustainable growth. This is what the Austrian economists say while commenting on the destruction wrought by the Chicago economists during the last three decades. While global conscience, in the …

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