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Banking for all

  For the past two decades, the banking sector has chosen a new service channel based on the progress of information technology – internet to respond to the changes in customer preferences and needs, increasing competition from non-banks, changes in demographic and social trends, and government deregulations of the financial service sector. In the search for sustainable competitive advantages in the technological financial service industry, banks have acknowledged the value …

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Productive use of credit cards is an art

  Standard chartered makes it digitally innovative Credit cards — in fact a way of borrowing and looks attractive when one goes to have one for purchasing goods and obtaining other services but however the attraction of the card evaporates as soon as it piles up the debt beyond ones capacity to payback. It is a facility to be used productively for the good of the holder and not to …

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Fast emerging 3g and 4g services in Pakistan

  Worldwide IT spending has grown every year since 2005 and it was projected to increase further this year as it was raised last year. Of the US$3,673 billion spent on IT during 2013, US$922 billion was spent in the IT services industry and US$300 billion was spent on enterprise software. However, the enterprise software industry is predicted to increase more with revenue predicted to hit US$344 billion by 2015. …

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