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Trend of shopping malls in Pakistan

  Pakistan economic growth might be slow but Pakistan’s retail market is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Pakistan presents a huge opportunity to the world, to use as a hub provided it provides a few basic facilities. Pakistan’s retail market has experienced enormous growth in last decade. The most significant period of growth for the sector was between year 2004 to 2008, when the sector revenues …

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Go shopping, go plastic — credit card galore

  The Chicago-School Economists’ guru Milton Friedman and his disciples started to storm the White House in Reagan era. They brought with them the recipe to counter stagflation – a situation when the US economy remained stagnant in spite of rising prices. The recipe for the government was: increase money stock, cut interest rate, and make credit as easy and abundant as possible. For American people the message was: go …

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Shopping mall business thriving in Pakistan

  The increasing numbers of shopping malls thriving all over large cities in Pakistan are creating opportunities not only for large retailers, but also the smaller ones previously involved in doing business in traditional, less profitable ways. Shoppers who previously visited often open markets now go to malls for a one-stop shopping experience. Karachi and Lahore, have a large number of malls that cater to all clothing needs under one …

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